"...Refused is the best punkband I have ever heard, they make me wanna change the world, to bring it down and raise it back up again..."

My name is Micke and as you probably have figured out already I'm a very big fan of Refused! I've been a dedicated fan for many years now and I can still remember when I heard them for the first time. It was the tunes of the "Everlasting" MCD that caught my attention and I was so amazed about what I heard! I was already into some punkrock music but I had never heard a band that sounded this aggressive before. The screaming vocals, the blasting guitars, the pounding drums and the heavy bass were all new noise for me! 

Since then Refused have always been my favourite band. They inspired me alot and really got me into the whole hardcore/punk movement which has meant alot to me. It might sound like a cliché but they kind of formed me to the person I am today. Because who would I be without the music? They really were the opening door to music for me. One of my visitors once said; "Refused is the best punkband I have ever heard, they make me wanna change the world, to bring it down and raise it back up again" and that is exactly how I feel about them! 

One day in October 1998 it all happened. In news papers and on the Internet I could read the words "Refused are fucking dead". Even though I knew that it was going to happen someday, it truly came as a shock to me when Refused confirmed that they called it quits and that they would never play together again. And then the idea of making this website came to life. I wanted to glorify the band and what they did accomplish during their years of existence. Not just for me, but for what they did to all the kids and the whole scene! I know that they have inspired alot of people out there. 

I started to collect all the information that I could lay my hands on and then my father teached me how to create websites. The result, the very first version of The shape of page to come was launched in March 1999. 

During all these years the response have been overwhelming! I could never imagine the great response and the big numbers of visitors this site would get when I started it back in the days. Because after all I started a site about a band that were no longer around. 

So, thank you for visiting my site. It means alot to me, but most important, it means that you haven't forgot: 

Micke Persson
Insjön, Sweden, 
January 2007

Name: Mikael Persson (a.k.a Micke). 
Date of birth: November 12, 1982.
Hometown: Leksand (Dalarna), Sweden.
Family: Girlfriend and four kids.
Occupation: Product Content Writer
Interests: Hardcore/punk music! 

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