The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Live at Oslo Jazz Festival 
Released 21/7, 2003 

01.New Empire Blues 
02.Bigger Cages, Longer Chains 
03.Born Into A Mess 
04.Smash It Up 
05.Survival Sickness 
06.Capitalism Stole My Virginity 
07.A Body Treatise 
09.Will It Ever Be Quiet?
10.Ever Felt Cheated? 

Dennis Lyxzén: Vocals / Lars Strömberg: Guitar / Inge Johansson: Bass / Sara Almgren: Organ, Guitar / Ludwig Dahlberg: Drums 

Special Guests: 
Jonas Kullhammar: Saxophone / Sven-Eric Dahlberg: Fender Rhodes 

All songs by T(I)NC and published by songs and stories
Recorded live Aug 6:th at Blå/Oslo/Norway
Mixed and recorded by Don Alstherberg
Mastered by Lino Larsson
Graphic Design by Mattis Cederberg
Produced by T(I)NC, Jonas Kullhammar & S-E Dahlberg
Executive Producer: Ludi McSkank

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