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"The Cross of My Calling" CD/LP
01: Intro 
02: The assassination of myself
03: Dustbins of history
04: Arm yourself 
05: Hiroshima mon amour 
06: Boredom of safety 
07: Child of God 
08: Interlude 
09: I am the dynamite 
10: Washington bullets 
11: Satan made the deal 
12: Storm the gates of Beverly Hills 13: Black September 
14: The cross of my calling

November 17 - 2008 (Europe)
November 25 - 2008 (US)

Burning Heart Records / Epitaph (Europe)
American Recordings / Vagrant (US)

Sweden’s The (International) Noise Conspiracy announces their latest disc, The Cross Of My Calling, will be released on November 17, 2008 on Burning Heart Records for Europe.   The quartet recorded the fourteen-track set at Sunset Sound in Hollywood with legendary producer Rick Rubin at the helm. 
"We've worked hard for a long time, but it’s a tough world to get by in. Anything that doesn't fit the mold scares the music industry," says lyricist and singer Dennis Lyxzén. "We know how this world works; that's just the way it is, But we also recognize the industry is on shaky ground because of that, which is why it's so cool to have someone like Rick believe in you."

Guest appearances on the album include Karl Jacobsson- organ, Lenny Castro – percussion, Sam Velde and Lisa Kekaula (The Bellrays) – backing vocals. 

The (International) Noise Conspiracy formed in northern Sweden in 1998 and quickly became known around the world for their self-aware political stance buoyed by their 70’s-inflected rock ‘n’ roll swagger. The group has released four full-lengths, countless singles and toured around the world multiple times. 

T(I)NC is: Dennis Lyxzén (vocals), Lars Strömberg (guitar/vocals), Inge Johansson (bass, vocals), and Ludwig Dahlberg (drums).


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© 2008 Micke Persson / All fights deserved. Band photo by Elin Berge.