Produced by Refused and Thomas Skogsberg. Engineered by Fred Estby. Recorded at sunlight studios october -93. All music and lyrics by Refused. Published by Startrec Music. All lay-out by Refused. Back-up vocals on "This just might be..." and "Pump the brakes" by the Shelter posse, Abhinanda, Drift Apart and Refused. 

Dennis - David - Pär - Henrik - Magnus 

Bandcontact: C/O Dennis Lyxzén, Bölevägen 19B, 904 31 Umeå, Sweden. 

Refused man and logo by Johan. Photo credit: Lemmy, Emelie, Toft, Rickard, Jennie A, Jakob, David, Dennis. Picture of beheaded woman taken in San Onosante in Nicaraqua in april 1983 by the international federation of human rightd. Chopped off heads is taken in Cambodia 1974. It shows two soldiers from the USA-supported Lon Nol-army carrying the heads of Red Khmer soldiers. (Taken from the book "The culture of terrorism" by Noam Chomsky.) Chicken photo is taken from the book "Animal factories" by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. Veal carcass photo taken from the same book. Photo by USDA. I guess we don't have the permission to use these photos but hey, sue us. Zeppelincloud, The screamer and the other artsy fartsy stuff by: Jakob Elebro. Dripdemon by Dennis. Graphics by Äckel-Ollie. "Inclination" is dedicated to Abhinanda. "It's not a matter of survival..." stolen from Abhinanda. Hardcore is not "cool boys-club", the album goes out to the girls in the scene! 

Merchandise and management: Startrec, Södermannagatan 54, 116 65 Stockholm, Sweden (PH:+46-8-6426536). 

Special Thanks: Fredde Startrec, Tomas Skogis, Fred Ozzy Estby, Pudel-Micke & Pubes-Marcus, Jojo Doghouse, Babs & Burning Heart Rec., Steen, Axel, Sandström konsult, Yogi, Janne & Micke musikant, Stalefish, Johand & Everywear, Desperate Fight Rec., Jacob Elebro, Lemmy and above all, the northcore brotherhood. 

Bands: Abhinanda, Fireside, Randy, Breach, Superdong, Doughnuts, Ancient Wusdom, Shredhead, Nocturnal rites, BHB, By No Means, Drift Apart, Shortsight, Step Forward, Teddy Bears, Blithe, Gringos chiflados, Bottomless Hatred, Moral Decay, Cardeath, Albatross, Renfields, Ashram, Messgugga, Shelter, Yonderboy, Remain, Bitches, Beyond Hate, Mindjive, Better Change, Plain, Quiksand, Solitude, Obesity, Karandash, Cumin` At ya, Verktug, Public Vision, Dolls House, B.S.P., Trio Ligo, Trigger Happy, Millencolin, Bullshit, Lipstick & X-plain, Apesex, Love Is A Dog From Hell, Taste Of Raindrops, Lash Out, Afflicted, Reach Out, Potlatch and finally the amazing Final eXit. All these bands are great and we demand that you support them in anyway you can. Don't judge music, just listen to it. 

Thanks: sXe crew, Guile, Dave, Stone, DRP, Adam, Jose, Abris, Rickard, Toft, Harju, Erik, Sammy, Henchman, Andreas S, Andreas N, Pelle Bunny, Kris, Fredde, Frazze, Stefan, Bas, Stor & Lillbres, Haribo, Christian, Banne, Erik, Eric "Åsa" Martin, Sado & String, Helena, Sado2, Nojje, Adde, Olervo, Atomic Swing, Sellman, Mannberg, Nils, Uffe, yogindra Prabhu, Mukunda Das, Priavrata Das & all at ISCON's Lappan, Pär G, POP, Bashcore David, Markus Yonderboy, Magnus Out, Linda, Lemmy, (Kr)ister, Emma, Skate-Maria, Beyond Johan, Andy, Desperate Fight Zine, Axel (Ralph, Alfred, Falafel, Wilgot, Striklebrask, Fvåpur, Yiurt), Sergio, Walter, Yogzototh, Ooth Nargai, Smissmannen, Micke, Håkan, Jani, Tom Apart, Kurt Shortsight, Nesseman, Vegard, Anders & the Molde Devils, Marcus Lundgren, Jocko, Pat, Scab, Glenn, Klas, Tjompen, Borsén & Drug Posse, Möken samt Slayer-Lasse, Backman Bros, Erik S, Chris A, A.W.O.L., Bhakta-Norm, Bhakta-Steve, Bhakta-Porcell, Al kingpin, Bhakta-Marcus, Bhakta-Jimona, Ragunath das, Krishna-Chitania, Kobben, Bylle, Fingal, Marimba, Noogie, Close up-Robban, Galaxen, Ukkie, Putte, Furbowl-Max, Crust-dompar, Micke-Mosh, Marco, Soma, Luger Prod., Arne Anka, Mean Machine, Klark Gejböl, 90210, Billy, Jake, Allison, Karin H, Naked City, Amanda, Matt, Mr & Mrs Mancini, Jo, Leif, Ricky, UFO, Jenniä A, Abris Syrra, Sonny & Rico, Mr Magoo, RSPK, Judge Dredd, Vännäs Snow & Skate Straight Crew, Hoppborgen, Studiefrämjandet, Really Fast-Patrik, Mattias & Berg, Dahlen, Svensson, Charlies kiosk, Jakob, Simpsons, Favy Pants, Mcall, Jefferson Darcy, Crocket & Tubbs, HC Basket-Team, Ewa B, Marcus O, HC Boule Team, Umeå Skaters, Piteå Skaters, Luleå Skaters, Skellefteå Skaters, Prame, The H.K. Babes (Simply wonderful), Mona & Yngve, Inger & Berra, Eivor & Torbjörn, Fredda "Madball" Lyxzén, Jonas "Goofball" Lyxzén, Emma, Eva Jansson, Staffan & Anna-Karin, Helix-Henke, GJF-Peter & Sambo, Yngwie & Amber, Yiurt, Mike Conguer The World, Stormstrike, Norweigan S.E.-Posse, Speedy & The Finnish Vegan Power, O.P., Helene Subjugation, S.O.A.-Rec., EVR & Crew, Joe & Ron, The mighty Desperate Fight, Umeå Hardcore, All the Umeå Straight Edge kids, Ersboda Beer Crew, Paaarty-Elin, Puch, Greta (Våga droga), Vindruvsälskaren (Animal Liberation/Peter Singer & Arne Anka "Bombad & Sänkt"), sandman, Danne P, Alf Ungo, Tattoo-Guy (Slow & Sloppy), Guybrush Threepwood, Wolfenstein, Doom, Streetfighter 2, Boeri, Johan Sur, Nyberg, Dennis Stratton, Jan Hill, Bergsklättraren, Fiskar-Tobbe, Brottar-Robert, Kajsa, Gisela (Du gillar basket), Fritidshemmet Pennan, Nicke & Mattias, Kiss-flippret. Far Out, C.B.R., Juan El Guapo, Kus-Allan, Estradcore, Backstage, Miezko & Jonny Scenkross, Grönsakshuset, Fakta, Barfotakillen, Fart-Crew (Stick Together), Krystmarodören, Hasselakollektivet, Tapio Leopold & Emelie Rosenqvist, Emma, Vegan Toffu Ice Cream, Pernilla, Victor Jara, Tobias, Tom Lang, Jody, Strand Gaylords, Sundsvalls-Anders, The Fireguys at F21, Straight Edge Worldwide. All the people that have helped us out in anyway by coming to shows, buying our stuff, spreading the world, letting us sleep at their houses, writting about us in their zines, Extra credit to our friends just for putting up with us. Sorry if we forgot anyone (not intentional), beat us up if your name is missing. 

It's not a matter of survival anymore 
that is a fact that we can't ignore 
-Go vegetarian 

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