Fight back! This just might be... the truth.

Pump the brakes 

Genocide on genocide. Destroyed knowledge crushed pride. Lost culture to civilization. Reduced, abused beyond dignity. Contemptation, exploitation - ring the bell of information. Blocked the truth convincing, controlling - held us down unthinking, unknowing. Oppressed so many for so long. We've ignored the facts and moved along. We gotta pump the brakes. Wasting resources, face some facts and detect the causes. Cause our progression equals destruction. People getting killed by government corruption. Cause making most of the land, that's the plan, you gotta understand that 50 years down the line, there wont be no time, the time is now. Drained so much for so long. We've ignored the costs and moved along. Time to pump the brakes. We gotta pump the brakes. 


My bag of tricks is far from empty. Don't bust my chops, don't try and tempt me. Cause I will stick the truth in your face. There's only one race, the human race. Propagandic ways and abuse, set to separate and confuse. For 500 years the barriers been there and they're not moving anywhere. Who the fuck are we to separate and support their actions of hate? Knowledge is the key to unlock the mind. The imperialistic system that invented prejudice and misbelief. They still benefits from it. They still do as they please. Inject us with reasons of contemplation and dissatisfaction to assure that we remain sedated to their segregative actions. In our years of existence has our modern society gotten any closer to equality? Where people openly are being oppressed because of: color, religion, gender, class, sexual preference.

5:th freedom 

An ideological system constructed to guarantee that the public remains passive. Uneducated and in apathy that the crimes committed they just pass us by as the state continues to fill us with lies. Face the flag in the land of hypocrisy. Free to conquer, free to rape, free to kill, free to take, free to do whatever's in your will. How many actions in the name of democracy? When we don't even know who's our enemy. Survival of the fittest blend with superiority. So many untold stories. Can't spell credibility. How many lies in the name of: freedom, peace, progress, democracy? Tolerance is acceptance. The 5:th freedom


Free me from myself, my surroundings, my teachers. What have they made of me? An image of man I never set out to be. A hollow shell of happiness. The real truth lies inside. I've tried to break this cage. I've really tried. Beautiful outside and ugly inside. Or is it the other way around? A reflection of rejection I will not play your game. Your definition of beauty is just too insane. Try to break free from what captures me. Try to set free what's inside of me.


A complex structure. A full circle of hate. The victory was already there, but now its too late. A harmony to achieve in the simplest of ways. Torn to shreds inside, determent to lose that fate. Strength and determination, what's there to gain? An insight of insight, an attitude that will remain. A habit of standing, on a solid foundation, a reason to carry on is what is found. We only use the useless and then we forget. We build our lives out of nothing. The meaning seems meaningless.

Our silence 

Shut your mouth. This is the age of freedom!? Gagged masses. Who are the ones that lead us? Disregarded system and it's set up by who? Uses so many but it benefits so few. With our silence we vote for continuation. With our silence we bow down to oppression. We tend to neglect that we're still the people. We try to deny that we still have a choice. But I will bite the hand that tries to feed us promises of salvation. Golden dreams to assure apathy. With our silence we vote for continuation. With our silence we bow to oppression. But will we remain content? Will we remain silent and happy? We will remain silent and they will remain happy.


As the smoke settles in the middle east, USA with no intention to make peace. Keeping Americas public in the dark. Just feeding them with reasons to light the spark of hate. The tradition goes way back, to the first capitalistic attack. An area that for the last 200 years has shown a great example of our system to fear. Unprovoked Iraqi actions where just a threat to OPEC's intentions. Economical wars in the sign of democracy just shows political agendas of hypocrisy. Bush administration, oil conventions, time again for the bell of information. Cause the media didn't have the right to cover, the civilians killed and our own losses. Playing world police to withhold the integrity of the American dream. Any war that isn't fought for the people is a war against the people.


It's gone the safest escape, no trace of recognition. I spot some fragments but it's to distant. I feel it's burning close. There's no difference. Afraid to let you inside, but it's just to persistent. When I inhale to scream I feel no strength in my body. I feel numb and weak. I've lost again. Sometimes I'm afraid to try and sometimes try is all I can do. Afraid to connect to reach you. What was the lowest price that I could possibly pay? I shudder to reflect on it. I try to let it fade. It's coming on again. Too strong to deny. Breathe and make another try. How do we define strength to carry on? I haven't lost my faith. I'm still strong.


Bottled up inside - angst ridden. The pain strikes - scars badly hidden. Effect of love - easy to see. Just a normal kid - just like you and me. Feels unclean - undeserved. Wipe away the tears - unheard. How much pain can you put me through? How much pain? Left in anger - and shame. No witness - just pain. Hatred boils - but there’s still love. This hurts - and who’s to blame? Why did it happen? - undeserved. Close the eyes - unheard. What did you get? Love. Pain. I won’t remain silent. I won’t wipe the tears away.


Chain down the pain. Abstinence remains to hold me down. In a tone of desperation its never gonna be the same. It might have been me so caught up in ego supremacy. Cut loose the wires of connection. Put it to an end. Reach on to higher levels. If I could try and find a way. I will not be pushed aside! Where there's darkness there's light and I thirst for more right now. I'm looking for redemption and the truth inside these walls. What's left in the distance but my thoughts of fire? My spiritual edge of guidance will lead the way. I will not be pushed aside! The tide's coming in and I won't loose my ground.... I won't be dragged out. 


Inch by inch we're loosing only more and more. Will we judge ourselves before we've lost it all. Underrated statement in time passed by. We wouldn't recognize the truth if it layed before our eyes. We're drowning in our own incompetence. We're drowning. Somewhere, somehow there's a bigger scar. An infection of incompitence. Already gone to far. How badly do we need saving? Do you wanna know? The ultimate concussion, the final show. How does understanding begin. How can we help? We cant even help ourselves.

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