Recorded at Hardcore Studios 23-25/5-93. Mixed and produced by Pelle Gunner. All songs and lyrics by Refused. Photos by Johan and Toft. We did all the lay-out and we are: 

Dennis, David, Henrik, Magnus, Pär. 

Burning Heart Rec. Box 33, 737 21 Fagersta, Sweden. Phone: Int +46-(0)223-16588. Refused info: Dennis Lyxzén, Bölevägen 19B, 904 31 Umeå, Sweden. Phone: Int +46-(0)90-123483. 

This record has been supported by the Swedish council for cultural affairs (Yeah!). 

All praises to: Pelle Gunne, The SXE crew, Babs, The Sandström family. 
Thanx and hello: Fireside, Teddybears, Abhinanda, Randy, 90210, Umeå skaters, CBR-Fredde, Adam, Jose, Abris, Jonas, Harre, Tomas, Ricky, Sammy, Soma, Breach, Superdong, Doughnuts and crew, Emelie and the cure-babe, BSP, John, Stussy-Johan, Stussy-Jonas, Nojje, Ancient, Shredheads, Nocturnal Rites, Jeapordy, Furbowl-Max, Jonas Lidgren (Ex bass), BHB, Public Vision, Pirre and Dennis (Roooog), Mini-crew (Everybody), Leif, Möken, By No Means, Blue Soul Ajax, Circus Earth, Drift Apart, Zach, Vännäs snowboard and skate-crew, Sandström konsult, Hoppborgen, Galaxen, Andreas, Steen, Opposite Direction, Out of Reach, Trigger Happy, Second Blow Job, Strand gaylords, Magnus (Keine anung), Shortsight, Anders Lash Out-Breakdown, Studiefrämjandet, Ludde, Really Fast Patrik, Govindas, Mukunda Das, Yogindra Das, Marco, Plain, Salf, Karandash, Al bundy, Andreas Nörd, Smiss-mannen, Lyckliga singlars klubb, TSK, Pär Mikaelsson, Anders (Sundsvall), Charlies kiosk, Gringos Chiflados, Näckens Lerungar, Bear Quartet, The Simpsons, Bottomless Hatred, Yellow Mellow, Moral Decay, Cardeath, Albatross, Breeze of June, Blithe, Renfields, Jennie and a band, Trigger Happy, Union, Ashram, Lifeless Image, Amazing Tails, Deep Turtle, Afflicted, Therion, Pit-Erik, GJF Peter with sambo, Joe and Ron, Petter, Our H-C basketball team, Luleå-Piteå-Skellefteå-skaters, Sven Emopower, Jörg Enemies Voice, Mike Conquer the World, Warehouse Rec, SOA Rec, Hardcore Prod, Messuhga, Udia menyn, Girlfriends and families..... 
This one is dedicated to the edge (it hasn't gone dull) 

Educate: You are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem - Go vegetarian. 

Meat is murder - Eat for life - Go vegetarian.

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