Hate breeds hate 

Foundation of a nation built on fucking lies. Another welfare state tumbles and dies. System of oppression in the land of the free. Your equality and freedom means nothing to me. The rich pulls the strings of the politicians. To the voice of the people noone is really listening. I thought it was called democracy. I don´t think you know what the word means. Hate breeds Hate. People going crazy hunting their goals. Struggling to the top without any control. I see the green illusion developing greed, overcoming common sense and what we really need. Diseases spreading all across the land. Crack kills so does guns in their hands. American interference in another war. Do the public know what the fuck for?


You say the problems don't concern you. Well, wake the fuck up cause they really do. How many ways are society going to fuck it up? How many lies until we've had enough? We gotta start to care about the consequences. Take a look around, it doesn't make any sense. Pollution, oppression, violence and destruction lies, deceit, poverty and corruption. Our ignorance has made us blind to the problems that we are facing. Our indifference, our tolerance makes me sick. Indoctrinate lies, covering our eyes. Mold us into the mainstream, taking our lives. We gotta break these chains...

Where's equality? 

Look at these differences we've created, marked, branded thaught to be hated. Biological differences cant imply hate but mindlessness and indoctrination can. Values maintained and held through time force fed upon our weak minds. Yesterdays segregation is still a truth, equal values, no way. You say things are different - no, Its still the same. You say things are different - some things don't ever change. Some say we have an equal society. No, no its not the way that I see. When people are oppressed for their sexuality and AIDS is still a gay disease. When woman don't have the right to choose cause it's against church morality. Then how can we say, how can we claim that we have equality?


To much degredation - I'm going to tell the truth. I'm going to spit it out - bring it out - twist the chords - Too much bullshit inflicted - too many stories told. I'm fed up with lies - so fed up - no more. I'm not going soft like you. Too much pressure taken - you've lost the cause. You lost your self esteem - your conscious mind. I'm still in touch with reality - I'm still going to fight. I'm infrangible - I'm still here. I'm still here - I'm still hard. I'm still here - but you've gone soft. The edge hasn't gone dull.

I Wish 

I wish that I, I wish that I, I wish that I could pick myself up. Trapped, imprisoned, I know no other way to be. No matter how hard I try I'm never gonna be really free. Surrounded by lies, try to hold my integrity, searching for a higher goal, trying to find the real me. I wish that I - could change my values and ignore the hate inside. I wish that I - could put the pieces back and make another try. Being dragged down in this ocean of fools, their golden horse god, obey their master, money rules. Try to reach the surface but my emotions drag me down, I cant control myself, my rage makes me drown. I try, I try, I try to look beyond the whole, its time to realize there's gotta be something more. In acts of selfishness we tend to ignore what we really are living for.

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