Members of Refused: David Sandström, Kristofer Steen & Jon Brännström. 

Text is a vehicle, like a band or a car. Text doesn't expect anything from anyone and doesn't make much noise. Text does things that you can appreciate on a gut level. There are no books that you need to read in order to better understand what it is that Text does. Text is not ours or theirs or mine. Unlike most other vehicles, Text can be driven by anyone. No license is required.

Text is a Swedish group featuring all members of the late hardcore outfit Refused minus one lead singer. David Sandstrom, Kristofer Steen, and Jon Brannstrom have collaborated with numerous musicians to bring about what appears to be an experimental brand of sound that is as far away from their past efforts together as they could have gotten. Although the sound is a departure, this album was actually recorded before Refused broke up. The result is a peek into the final creative gasps of one of the greatest punk bands that ever existed. Perhaps the most positive result of Refused dying, would be the birth of Text. 

Text is here to change your mind about everything you thought music was. This is not the kind of album you can file by genre. This is not the kind of album you can explain in a sentence. This is not the kind of album you can describe with silly words such as these. This is the kind of thing you need to understand yourself. This is a merciless generous platform for the expressions that interest you. A platform for those who must. This is Text. 

Their first album, which is self titled, is available everywhere.

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