Dennis: All things vocal. Kristofer: Guitar, Bass, Drums. Jon: Guitar and samplers. David: Drums, Guitar, Melodica. Magnus Björklund: Bass, Cello. Torbjörn Näsbom: Violin. Jakob Munck: Upright Bass. Pelle Henricsson: Tambourine. And introducing Andreas Nilsson as the Roadie, Driver, Sound technican, Tour manager and occasional Bassplayer. 

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Eskil Lövström, Andreas Nilsson, Pelle Henricsson and Refused at Tonteknik and Bomba Je late 1997. 

Art direction by Dennis. Lay out by Dennis and José. Photocollage by David. Refused Photos by Ulf Nyberg. Backcover photo by Axel Stattin. 

The people that aided us in the manic process that was the making of this album: Andreas Nilsson, Eskil Lövström, Pelle Henricsson, Jakob Munck, Inger & Björn Sandström, Torbjörn Nässbom, Emil Ödling, Robert Ahlenius, Micke Ådén, Börje Friis, Peter Musikant, Fredrik Bäckström, Patrick T. Daly, José Saxlund, Jonas Eriksson, Håkan "Håkan-Håkan" Strandhag, Anders Johansson, Magnus Höggren, Magnus Björklund, Mogge, Ola, Putte, Fredda, Babs, Mudda, Ulf Nyberg, Gullsand. 

Co-conspirators and comrades: Eivor, Torbjörn, Jonas, Fredrik and Emma Lyxzén, Fredrik and Eriks Steen, Ove Johansson, Eva, Emil and Malin Brännström, Sara Almgren, Linda Åström, Jonas Rosén, Lemmy, Micke Berg, Per Helin and NONS crew, Tok-Tomas, Erik Åsell, Abris, Adam, Axel, Lars, Pernilla, Fredde Purusam, Robin 18, Stuffe, Tomas DiLeva, Mark, Ute, David & Erik at MAD, Vique Martin, Kristian Gabel, Hans Hellberg, Marcus, Daniel + VBG crew, Texas, Hedersveganerna, Johanna, Henke Sandström, Bootleg-Bertil + family, Erik Ashram, Tim Bertilsson, Dregen, Biffen, Tive, Lina Svensson, Isse, Ludde, Jonas Ljuskille, NSMPD's Militanta falang, Maria Fredriksson + Vän, Olof Skrikhult, Ellé, Gislaved, Reine, Danne + Soulquake system, Steve, Kate & Baby Kaulini, Robban Roos, Tomas Tröger + Crew, David Schaefer, Danielli, Vegard Waske, Erland Backfire, Daryl, Tim, Bob, Scott, John, Frank, Kurt Catalyst, Duncan Barlow, Mike Phyte, Micke Häggström, Damien, Ola Glans, Henrik Oja & Masse, Andrea, Malin, Dahlberg, Breach, Fireside, Randy, Purusam, Millencolin, Entombed, Teddybears, HOK, Candysuck, Café 44, Starmarket, Forced Into, Liberator, Samiam, Satanic Surfers, Loosegoats, Outstand, Mindjive, Nine, EVR, Sick of it all, Madball, Snapcase, Victory Rec, Lifetime, Damnation A.D., Earth Crisis, J Church, Join the Teamplayer, Trans-solar, Phyte Records, Desperate Fight Rec, Abhinanda, Bloodpath, Saidiwas, Separation, Eclipse, Plastic Pride, Final Exit, Cobolt, DS 13, Ray Wonder, Trio Lligo, Blithe, Sindy Kills Me, Charcoal, Ates, Djurrättsalliansen, Frodus, Promise Ring, SEKAC, Nu är det nog. Last but not least, the Refused van. 

Ah, in such an ugly time the real protest is beauty. 

LIVE AT UMEÅ OPEN 1998/04/03
Recorded by SR P3 Live, Mixed by PMA Gunnerfeldt

This is how punk rock's brave new sound meets the inevitable doom. The definitive undaunted Refused documentary, retracing the bands final years of existence! Includes videos and bonus live-footage from "The shape of punk to come" era. 

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