Micke Persson, Sweden (Webmaster of Refusedfan.com) 
"The Slayer Rip-off logo! It was used in the booklet for the "Songs to fan the flames of discontent" album, as well as on some merchandise prints. Dennis Lyxzén also have this tattoo on his chest. My tattoo was made by Magnus @ Red Hot Tattoo in Mora, Sweden" -Webmaster

Marco Scheffler, Germany
"Hey there, I have also got a Refused-tattoo. Quite the same like you but on my left chest. " -Marco Scheffler

Luca Diatto, Italy
"The words from the song "The apollo programme was a hoax". It says: The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new" -Webmaster

Michael Siegrist, USA
"This is from the "The shape of punk to come" cover artwork" -Webmaster
"Hey I jut got a refused tattoo if you want to add it to the photo section of your website. I'm really happy with it. I've had this idea for a while and finally got together the money and guts to do it" -Michael Siegrist

Lello Pedde, Italy
"This is my tattoo of Refused, this band change my head" -Lello Pedde

Scott MacPherson, Canada
"This is the logo from the "The new noise theology e.p." artwork" -Webmaster

James Schorn, Australia 
"The pic of Dennis in the tattoo is from one of the last shows they did and the colours are from "The shape of punk to come" cover. My mate Nick did it.... while we were listening to Refused of course. Long live Refused" -James Schorn

Sam, UK
"My new Refused neck tattoo, please put it up. Thanks" -Sam

Mike Hemmens, UK 
"A lifelong tribute to the band that Shaped the Punk that's to come!" -Mike Hemmens

If you have a Refused tattoo as well, please send me a photo of it and I will add it on this page. [Contact]

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