A thanx list would be appropriate since we fucked our last one up, but in fear of forgetting someone we've chosen to thank only ourselves and Randy. Those who deserve a thank you or a big hug, you know who you are. If you want a simple thank you, then just confront us if we're in town, write us or call us up and we will thank you. The same procedure is necessary for insults, praises or just regular communication. If you do write, send postage money goddammit! These brilliant pieces of music history were recorded at the classic Hortlax Hardcore Studio by Pelle Gunne. 

Guilty as charged: Krille: String arrangements and dazed licks. Henrik: Fizzy bass. Dennis: Vocals and destruction coordinator. David: Interpretations and jaded fills. Magnus: Killer of giants. 

Info: Dennis LyXzén, Gluntens väg 8, 90737 Umeå - Sweden. 

First off, we would like to make a note about the misunderstanding and predjudice we encounter due to the fact that we are a so-called Straight-Edge band. It's not about us against you. It's about trying to be sane in a fucked up world. 
We confront and speak out against evil as racism, sexism, homophobia, speciesm, fascism, capitalism, consumerism, drugs, meat-eating and people who smoke in our faces every day. For this we are labeled fascists. Well... 
If you think we are assholes you've probably never talked to us or cared enough to find out what we are about, although there is always the possibility that you caught us on a bad day. Anyway, If you feel offended, either you didn't get it or you just deserve it. So fuck you all, we hate you. 
Love Refused. 

12 reasons why we love Randy: 
- They put out (some dizzling hot music) 
- We've toured with them 
- They've all cut their hair 
- They don't skate 
- They're huge in Japan 
- They've got an anti-sxe song 
- We feel that homosexual love 
  should be encouraged and supported 
- They play punkrock with finesse 
- They are good-looking (well, not all of them) 
- They don't care if they steel riffs 
- They have nice dialects

All music and textos by Refused & Randy 1992 - 1995 all rights reserved all layout by David & Dennis... sorry... (Jose didn't do anything... I swear) 

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