What the hell is wrong with me. I try to see what im not able to see. I try to be what I'm not supposed to be. I've tried everythin´ but nothing works for me. I guess I'd better stick to my TV. It's the only thing that makes me feel free. I can change the channels whenever that I please. I've got a cable to fulfill my precious needs. I'm a failure to this world and I'm week. I'm a geek, a TV freak. The way I find the pleasure that I seek is when I watch TV and when I'm a sleep. One program more while this whole worlds gets sour and I get to watch it on a screen I'm a geek, geek.
Written by Randy, performed by Refused.

Pump the brakes 

Genocide on genocide. Destroyed knowledge crushed pride. Lost culture to civilization. Reduced, abused beyond dignity. Contemptation, exploitation - ring the bell of information. Blocked the truth convincing, controlling - held us down unthinking, unknowing. Oppressed so many for so long. We've ignored the facts and moved along. We gotta pump the brakes. Wasting resources, face some facts and detect the causes. Cause our progression equals destruction. People getting killed by government corruption cause making most of the land, that's the plan, you gotta understand that 50 years down the line, there wont be no time, the time is now. Drained so much for so long. We've ignored the costs and moved along. Time to pump the brakes. We gotta pump the brakes. We gotta pump the brakes.
Written by Refused, performed by Randy.


I'd like to take a stand against their morality and destroy this fucking system that we have, to call nationalism and capitalaism a socialized freedom rhymes so bad for me. Wake up and resist get a hint of what you missed concerning the environmental care how many of you fucking assholes would even notice the eradication of a animal like an bear? There´s been so many crimes against animals and human rights, so we owe it to ourself to make sure that the health of every single creature on this planet isn´t a stake. I like to point out on all your compunctions and call out on all concerted needs, a big conspiracy revolution and riot to get this fucked up system deceased. I like to dedicate this fucking song to nature and confront all stupidity. I just can´t walk around and pretend anymore, I can't supress these things I feel. Every time I see the news, it's not often but the few times that I do, it all become so clear to me. All humans are a big disease who never get pleased. Lets take one last picture and say cheese!!
Written by Randy, performed by Refused.


We had our times, we had our fun, we had a friendship that couldn't be undone. In those times we had a goal, working together with straight and positive souls. We were like one, yeah you and me, as close as friend could ever be. But times do change and so did you and there wasn't a thing that I could do. Watched it all fade away, I guess I'm happy it's gone this way. I could have struggled but what would have been the use? Now I'm back and I'm re-fused. I don't get it, I'll never see. Was your change natural or was it just in me? Cause when I see you, you walk right by without noticing me or saying hi. You're so cool. You've got your friends. I guess that's where our friendship ends. I've seen your bullshit, it makes me strong. To pick myself up and prove that you are wrong.
Written by Refused, performed by Randy.

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