the handbook for revolutionaries part 2

"Handbook for Revolutionaries" is a fanzine written and compiled by the members of Refused. The second issue (1997) is NOT about Refused like the first one was. Here they give you record reviews, interviews with bands such as Randy, Swing Kids and Bloodpath plus some political articles. It was still available a couple of years ago but I'm not sure if it's possible get a copy today. Sorry. / Webmaster 
"Here it is and it took me way longer than I ever would have thought. I kept telling kids how it was done and kept telling myself that I should get my shit together. Making a zine is not as easy as I thought it would be.

About a year ago we made the first issue of this publication, it was a zine that was all about the band that I’m in, the record that we put out and the politics behind it. It turned out really good and a 1000 copies were sold without any effort.

Somewhere in the Refused van on the autobahn in Germany I told myself that I should do another issue, or why not do it as a “real” zine. So there we go, I had a plan and a desire to see it through..."

/ Dennis Lyxzén

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