the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


7:00am and we're still not done, we're trying to bleed onto paper but time is not impressed. We've been here for 24 hours straight now, working on this piece of shit, and in about 4 hours we'll be leaving for a six week tour of Scandinavia. It's safe to say we're probably not gonna blow anyone away tonight. 
We started writing stuff for this fanzine 3 months ago and we started piecing it together yesterday. We realized pretty soon that all the photos we had were ones we never wanted to use before, ones that were too bad to send to fanzines (never to be returned) or to use on the records. We have no clue who took most live photos since they were all lying in some box at the office, but I guess noone wants to take credit for them anyway since they all suck (except for Oles and Johan Dödens). Thanks neverthless. 
Speaking of gratitude, we were supposed to have a thanx list here, but we fucked that up to. Are you getting sick of us yet? Like that wasn't enough, we stole artwork like crazy to get this baby done and now that we're finished. I guess we should list some credit sources. Guess what? We're not even sure where we got everything from. 
We took from books and found some shit on the internet bur most of teh stuff just came out of different ads in MRR and other fanzines. The idea of going to the library to ask for pictures of burning flags or capitalists getting beaten didn't really appeal to us, somehow. 
Something that we do know for sure is who made this fanzine and that was us: David, Dennis and Jon. David and Dennis wrote most of the stuff and Jon did the layout. Kristofer contributed with his absence and that sizzling hot piece on skinheads. Magnus wasn't in the band when we did "Songs..." so he logically wasn't involved in the fanzine either, but since we're planning to do this again he'll probably take a shot at your weak minds in a not-so-distant future. Until then, we have been Refused and you have been suckers for letting us into your heads.

Desperate Fight Office 7:05am 96-04-05

Dennis LyXzén, Gluntens väg 8, 907 37 UMEÅ, SWEDEN 
David Sandström, Bölev. 17B, 904 31, TEG, SWEDEN 
Jon Brännström, Flottargatan 23, 904 21, UMEÅ, SWEDEN 
Kistofer Steen, Kråkbärsv. 9, 904 34, UMEÅ, SWEDEN 

NOTE: These are old addresses! 

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