the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


Turn off, hail to the deafening. End life for ego reasoning. Consumer of selfishness, feel it bleed. Death traditions feeds the suffering. Acquire by-products, breed the industry. Modern death camps, feel their suffering. Soul destroyer, never question consequence. Pain won't end so we gag our sense. Kill the conscience, lies over lives. Their pain won't end. With blood in my eyes I won't see the light shine.

Dennis asked me to write something about this song since he was too busy to write all the explanations. There's not so much to say about this one. It's about veganism, about innocent lives being taken. I've been a vegan for two years and vegetarian for one year before that (for those of you who were too punk to go to school that means that I haven't eaten an animal in three years). I think that veganism is one of the most important standpoints one can take. 
When I discuss veganism/vegetarianism with people many say things like: "I give money to Greedpeace, isn't that as important as not eating meat? Well, of course there are other things in world that matters, but does being vegan take up more time than not being vegan? Is vegetarian food more expensive than non-vegetarian food? No. What I'm trying to say is: being vegan doesn't restrain you from being endorsed in other important matters. That doesn't seem as obvious to many people as it does to me. Remember that veganism is not a problem, it's a solution. 

     Jon F.

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