the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


- Excuse me sir, are you a nazi?

If that question is answered with an affirmative response I’d say it’s your civil duty to beat him/her up. The same treatment should be given to the fucking low life scum wearing white power shirts. No questions need to be asked.

“By oppressing the oppressors you degrade yourself to their level”.

Wrong! In this case it’s dead wrong. If we give these people one inch they’ll devour a whole lot more.

“Why don’t you just have a nice friendly discussion with these fellas?”

Because it’s not a matter of opinions. You’d know that if you’d ever heard a nazi speak for his cause. It’s the same tiresome story: “They take our jobs, they don’t belong here, I love this country, won’t let them take over, bla, bla, bla”. They’re scared, dissatisfied and stupid. It’s as pointless as discussing capitalism with Santa Claus.

”So let the cops take care of it”.

Why would you put an authority as corrupted and ridiculously incompetent as the police in charge of anything? The course of action I advocate is not the solution but a necessary evil in order to keep the morons at bay until the real problems are solved. It is everyones responsibility to prevent the rise of another third reich but it’s the kids that are gonna take the blows if we don’t act now. Folks, it’s time to put the fears aside and take our streets back. The nazi scum have already taken our most precious symbols of freedom and twisted them beyond recognition. But frankly, fuck those pathetic icons. They’re of no use to us anyway except as a memento of a coward nation. Not one block! Not one street! Not one inch! Demolish their premises, slash their tires and be generally intolerant!

     Kristofer Steen

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