the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


This punk kid walked up to me and said, ďI really like your new album, but I canít support the things you stand forĒ. I looked at him and asked him what he meant. ďWell, you know I like your music and all, but not what you stand forĒ. I asked him if heíd ever read our lyrics or if he even knew what we were saying, because if he did, it would scare me. After a while I kinda figured out what he was aiming at. Of course this kid was against racism, sexism and so on as any real punk should be. The problem he had with us was the fact that we were drug free and vegans. I donít know why people have such a problem with that. The foundation I build my life upon is focused, sober and cruelty free (both to myself and others). I know that it's not enough but itís a good start, and you have to start somewhere. There are tons of revolutionaries out there that arenít drugfree and vegans and they all do tons of good, but for me thatís the best choice.

It doesnít mean that I canít work with people who donít take the same stand as I do. Therefore it surprises me that this punk kid said he couldnít support what we were saying. But then again weíre all to busy pointing out each others faults and weaknesses. I donít think my politics should be neglected because of my lifestyle. I think being drugfree makes me stronger, but I donít see it as the only way to be/work. Just think about our actions and their effects. The world is not black and white, itís not all good or bad. We are not stupid. Drugfree resistance.

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