the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


The need to dream makes it easy to provide a package to fulfill life. Your prefabricated beauty. Your tan, blank skin, Your slim white torsos. Your plastic smiles. Just the perfect fantasy, cling on to the illusion of industry dream. Your body, your beauty will fade. Fit the piece, adjust the smiles. You will try to fit in for the perfect life. Sell me a pre-packaged body conception. Sell me a dream of love everlasting. Sell me the perfection of satisfaction. Give me beauty or give me death. Give me a body forever young. Give me fulfillment of fitness. Give me the Answers to my search. Grant me the wish of my branded erection.

Once again we will discuss our sexual roles. 
Once again we are going to figure out who is setting up the ideals. 
Once again shall we talk about use, abuse and oppression. 
Mommys pretty little girl in pink and the neighbour slut in black. 
How early we set up the standards for how we are supposed to look and what it means to us. How we use our sexuality to be part, to be accepted. 
The guys macho club of insecurity and stupidity. To make an object of the opposite sex. TV, commercials and movies. 
Shut off communication and feelings, the outside is what counts. 
While we worry about our looks and our pretty facade, we get laughed at by the fashion industry making millions and millions out of our vein and insecurity. 
And when it's time to change we follow along in silence, afraid to be left behind, left naked and out of touch. "I want to fit in". 
How we're being oppressed to personify ourselves with awkward bodies. 
How to act based on how we look. 
How our bodies and outsides divide us and how we judge solely on external features. Beauty should be about us, no matter what, no matter how and no matter... 
And also remember, sometimes good guys don't wear white.


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