the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


You knew what I was going to say. And when I didn't, I did anyway, it seems. And I'll survive with self-respect intact. And you? Every freedom needs a trust. And this trust will kill again for you. And someone else wont believe their eyes. While a thousand will believe it's true. This trust will kill again for you. Through tales of objectivity you shake my hands. All that objectivity could break them both. Cause whatever I say, context aside, you've got what you need to make sure I say what they want to read. It wont happen again, and I'll survive with self-respect intact. They're telling me I should have known better. Well now I know. All that objectivity. Nothing.

"This trust will kill again" is about journalists and their relation to freedom of speech. If you have a standpoint and that standpoint gets distorted in any way, either by imagery or if words are put in your mouth, in a magazine or newspaper that reaches thousands of people, then that in itself is suppression of your freedom of speech. 
Telling people the truth has become a profession and there is alot to consider: the journalists and the editors respective paychecks and careers and, of course, every single copy of the magazine. So, consequently they will write what people want to read. News bought at the expense of truth. Aren't you scared?


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