the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


From here to the cemetery, from here to the grave. How many did your democracy save? Clean slate, state oppression and yeah, once again, like a thousand times before a thousand victims more. Take aim at the have-nots as always. And once again freedom is being bought at the expense of truth. Your beautiful world is dead. - It will die a thousand times. - I will watch it expire. - It's time to kill this lie. - It died a thousand times.Blooded, pitch-black and yeah, we're tired of being expendable in their community.And while you swallow every image they present. We'll sing the songs to fan the flames of discontent.

The european community is a lie. Capitalisms ultimate tool in the struggle to oppress and use us. In our beloved democracy the whole market wanted membership, so our politicians nicely had to abide. Of course they never had any real power to start with, the real decisions about our future are made by our dear capitalists in their boardrooms. 
The decision was already made. Sure, we had a vote about it, far from democratic. It wasn't decisive, which means even if everyone voted no, the politicans could have gone ahead and said yes anyway. Almost all of Swedens corporate media is owned by companies that, you guessed it, wanted to join the precious federation. 
The NO side had a year budget as high as the YES sides weekly one, and so on. 
Well, despite of all that, half of the population still voted no, not that it mattered, but they did. The european community only benefits big business, it only benfits continuated dividing, it only increases class differences, it only creates more social outcasts. 
Our beautiful democracy. Our freedom bought at the expense of truth.


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