the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


OK, it's not like you're laughing yourself to death when you're reading this fanzine, right? I'm sorry, but most of the shit in here is not supposed to be amusing or funny. Sure, we could all be sarcastic and then we wouldn't have to give a shit, right? 
The curse of our generation. If we don't take anything serious then we don't have to take any stands, we can laugh about everything and dismiss active people as boring, weird or naive. I know that alot of the stuff in this zine sounds naive, we make it sound too easy. I know that, but I'd rather believe and I'd rather fight against impossible odds than turning into a bitter and cynical 23 year old punkrocker. 
If we don't believe, then what's the use in trying at all? 
While talking about being funny you also have to realize that this zine only shows a small side of what we are. Anyone that has met us knows that we are not so caught up in our politics that we can't hang out and have good time, even if we don't agree with anything you have to say. 
It's just that where not good enough writers yet to make those sides of us show without it becoming stupid. So, when you're shaking your head in anger about the stuck up PC assholes Refused, just remember what David said once: "We rock out to Judas Priest more than we discuss politics". This is just one part of us and if you don't like it maybe you'll find something else about us that you like. Maybe we don't give a fuck.


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