the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


Stretch out in your Christ pose, marionette of lost hope. Your sadness at the expense of the world. You're dying to be this. You're living to be this. Energy wasted on feeling sorry for ourselves. We didn't deserve it. Likeusing a thousand apologies as a thousand excuses for making the same mistakes. Crusader of hopelessness. Crucified by yourself. What do you know about suffering? So full of reasons not to see the possibilities to change this suffocation and turn it into focus. 'Cause we don't need this. Forget about your self-pity, forget about your petty problems, forget about your small world.

I hate myself, I'm just to goddam pretentious, sitting up all night listening to crappy punk rock trying to write some sassy and cool so everyone will think I'm the intellectual genious I want to be. 
Well, aparantly I'm not doing such a good job judging by all the pieces of scrapped paper all around me. 
I guess it's time for a change of tactics, a new approach, so here we go... The reason I wrote the words to this song is that i got fed up with the whole emo/crybaby attitude. Granted, I do think that it's cool to show emotions and express yourself through music. But when all there is are broken hearts and lost love it feels like we are wasting energy. It feels like an easy way out, singing about being sorry and sad instead of dealing with it, using the song as an excuse to do it all over again. 
For me, hardcore and punkrock was always about positive re-inforcement, creativity and being in control, so when we waste all of our breath singing about the girl that left (or that we left the girl) it feels a bit too selfish. I don't think anyone who is reading this (well, maybe one or two) are that bad off that they have to dwell in their own self-pity for more than a couple of hours once in a while. 
We should use all that sadness, anger and frustration and focus into something creative instead. To realize that we are not alone and start to deal with more important issues (love is important, self-pity is not). 
Wow, it feels like such a waste of paper writing all this down, since one of my favourite bands Embrace wrote it all down in one single sentence that says it all. "Your emotions are nothing but politics, so get control." 
Think about it...


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