the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


Do you really believe in God? 
Or are you just too complacent to care what the christening is all about? Is it about receiving presents or is it about devoting your life to God? We gladly pay taxes to the church, we honour Jesus at special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc, etc), we put our money in their collection bags. What do we get? Security in knowing that He will forgive whatever we do if we just ask for forgiveness? A hope that something greater awaits us when our feeble existence comes to an end? 
Assurance that weíre home free as long as we repent? Do you want that? Do you want to be taught how to love your God? Do you find strength in christianity or does it just provide you with the easy answers? 
The easy way out. You donít have to look anymore. You believe only what youíre supposed to. You celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ only because youíre supposed to. What about him? Did he ever exist? 
A religion with millions of followers and it just happens to be based on a fairy-tale (a pretty good one, by the way). 
How many people are hiding in these lies? How many people are forced into it? 
Too many questions. The conclusion? 
Destroy tradition. Destroy christianity. 
Donít remember, donít look back.

     Jon F.

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