the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


There are many sides to music. I've already written about the politics of music and the responsibility that follows. But the politics of music go further than that (much further). 
As far as listening to music goes, we're probably some of the most politcially incorrect persons you'll find. I love music with all of my heart, we all do, so it's hard to only get satisfied by listening to political punkrock. We listen to whatever moves us, whatever catches our attention and it's here that the problem occurs. 
Alot of the stuff we are into is far from politically correct (really, really far) and I think that it's good to be secure enough to be able to put on a Morbid Angel album without feeling bothered by the moronic lyrics. I try to draw a line to what I can and can't accept from a record but it's tough, it's fuckin tough. I guess that goes for us to. I think that people should be able to be into us even if they think our politics suck. We should all be able to enjoy good music.

     I'm Dennis and yes, I love Embrace.

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