the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


Somewhere along the line we lost. Individuality paid the cost. Close enough to inhale the security but as always too far away. We breed upon culture sickness and we made this rule into our own. Silently sedated, our minds fly out the windows. Our emotions suffocate. Suppress the essence of living... Your beautiful independent Friday night dress. Wash away the fear and insecurity. This substitute kills the freedom and cuts the wounds wide open. A glimpse caught the sense and now you're content in slowly fading. The familiar escape. The alternative to nothing. Reminded to die-life support addiction. Watch your love slip through your hands.

We all need a fix to stay alive. How many hours have been wasted in front of the TV, how much money has been spent on "having a good time"? Believe it or not, it's not about alcohol, it's about drugs. It's about bingo-lotto, pornomovies and parties. We all need to fill our void with whatever we can find, same old pattern. Never enough. Self destruction becomes norm for social activities. We get a bonus of addiction that destroys 3 out of 10. At least. Addicts. Millions spent, and we fade. We all feel the need to express ourselves, to create and to live. Living as a wageslave kills creativity and apathy becomes freedom. To not care is the privilige for the weekend and during the weeks we're just too damn tired. So, we take our crutch and embrace it for another 10 second dose of "happiness". School kills us for a number of years, we learn to become what's expected of us. Kill the creativity and passion, all to fit the norm. Make sure you don't look or act different. Instead of killing ourselves we must start to live. Not fade away cause we were to lazy to even try. Refuse to get a job that kills your sould. Create and live. Let your addiction become one of creativity and positivity because then we can truly express ourselves.


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