the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


The game is over. The damage is done. Fuck you for playing along. Break through the surface only to suffocate. Beating it into me. Burn witches as found. But not this time. Our culture acquires love design. Left naked with nothing but ourselves and contempt for what we're not supposed to be, not supposed to feel, not supposed to see. I will embrace you, we're all beautiful. We all return - confrontation cuts. In the closet - Can't get up.Another definition to keep control. With assorted names we know where to belong.

It can be frightening to discover that things you take for granted, not necessarily goes for people you hang out with, people that you think at least have a somewhat good level of social consciousness. 
But, somewhere in the midst of all the animal liberation, in the fierce fight for mother earth, we neglect and even forget the human liberation. Every human has a basic need to be loved, cared for and to live a life as an equal (I realize that our equality is overrated but still...). 
Maybe it's not so strange that we forget about human rights since it's not so visible. We can't see prejudice and silent oppression as easily as we see our total domination over the animals. 
It's harder to fight an invisible enemy. Do we really think about the fact that from day one the rules are set, from pink VS the blue pajama to the car VS the pony? From the day we are born we're being forcefed how to look, act and behave. Our thoughts are controlled and we spend most our 20 years in brainwashing institutes, so that we will turn out as the normal heterosexual humans we are supposed to be. 
During that time we're constantly being fed accept homosexuality as a deviate abnormalty. Faggot is used as an insult and whenever faced with feelings towards someone of the same sex we're supposed to react with fear and disgust. We're being indoctrinated and brainwashed with prejudice and misconceptions. We learn how to handle our emotions in a "rational and mature way". Boys don't cry or hug, and it's weak to show love and compassion if not needed. Admire the "stud" and despise the "slut". We learn about the great hero that sweeps in to save the lady in need. Worship the nuclearfamily and so on and so on. I guess you get the point. It's time to do something about tradition bound patterns and learn to love and care. It's time to realize that what we see on TV, in movies, read in books and newspapers affects our views on ourselves and our sexuality. It's time to love, to explore our sexuality and to live on equal conditions. Sexism and homophobia are just as big and dangerous problems as racism and fascism. But it's just harder to see. We need to see, to take control and to change. Destroy prejudice. Destroy stereotypes. Destroy the nuclearfamily.


Let's dispell a few "homosexual myths"

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