the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


The bait. The prey. The mice. Debate the method of demise. Debate your high. I'll lie beside you, walk you down and lay the beat beneath your bed. Beneath the dead. Debate the method in your head. The chemical misanthropy saving you from blame. I'll stand below you, lift you up, increase the pain. I want to see you, hear your voice regret the choice. Rejoice in watching you collapse, destroy the map and fall headlong into the gap. Swallow poison, swallow the bait. Swallow every word said to free you from blame. I'll stand below you , lift you up, increase the pain. The hunter dying in his trap. Swallow poison, swallow the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

When I wrote the words for "Hook, line and sinker" I had no intentions of using it in a song. Instead, a song grew out of it as I was reading it to myself. The words are very rythmic so it was a natural process. Actually, if you read the words without the music you'll find a shuffle rythm but since we don't do shuffles anymore (we just don't, I mean, it's not like we've made a conscious decision or anything, we just reached a certain level of awareness that unabled us too look ourselves in the mirror after playing a shuffle, listen kid, we simply don't do shuffles, OK? It's just not healthy) I straightened it out. The lyrics is really not suitable for explanation since it has so many different parts and meanings but I'll go so far as to give you an insight into what was on my mind when I wrote it.

- I once overheard a conversation between two relatively stoned youngsters discussing which drug to try next. Instead of debating the desired effects of various substances they were arguing about which drug would do the least amount of damage to their brains.

- Some of my firends can handle their alcohol (and other stuff) and I accept that, it's their prerogative. Some lose control and need help, and I try to be there. It's the others that hurt. The ones who have problems and "don't need anyone to tell them how to live their lives". It drives you mad after a while, so you let go. Sometimes it works out for the best...

- If someone (for whatever reason) decided to reduce the human race, what would be the most effective way to do it without us noticing? He (if anyone would get that idea it would be a man) would divide us, of course. Drive us against eachother. He would give us a bait worth killing for. Give us a glimpse of something we can't have and make us kill eachother to get it. Make us hurt ourselves and then come back for more. Make us kill ourselves. Make us want to kill ourselves. He'd make us love the hunt and desperately take that trip. We'd swollow poison to get there. We'd swollow the bait. Hook, line and sinker.


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