the handbook for revolutionaries part 1


ĒKeep your politics out of my musicĒ the t-shirt said. Wow, I thought to myself, thatís a pretty strong political statement. I knew why the guy at the show was wearing it. Refused was playing. 
I was more than anything psyched that they actually took the time to dig through their closets in search of a shirt to provoke us. I was happy to see it, I donít think they realized just how strong that shirt is. For me, everything is a political action, from the food I eat to the way I threat my friends. Even the movies I watch and the things I call girls. Theyíre all political actions. Thats how it is, like it or not. 
I truly believe that music is politics. Doing this zine is a focused and serious action while saying ďfuck politics, letís partyĒ, no less a political statement, is not focused and it wonít do anything for the status quo. You can claim to be as radical and/or liberal as you want, but if you donít act on what you believe and if youíre not working towards a solution, youíre just as conservative as the suit and tie guy you claim to hate so much. 
Politics is not about wearing cool uniforms and singing songs about how fucked up the system is. Politics is about focusing and adapting it into your life. Itís about organizing and fighting. Well, as I said earlier, Aerosmith is also political, cause they will affect people with what they say. I guess thatís why Iím active, not just with the band or this fanzine*, but on other levels to. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Itís been said a million times before and we need to say it a million times more. If you think things suck and youíre too busy partying to do anything about it then itís your fault. Face it.


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