Refused: Jon, David, Magnus and Kristofer. Tomas Dileva sings on "Jag äter inte mina vänner". Songs 1,3,4,5 Recorded at Tonteknik dec. -95 with the help of Pelle, Pelle and Eskil. Song 2 was recorded at Sunlight feb. -96 with the help of Tomas Skogsberg. On the Tonteknik recording Magnus Björklund played bass. 

Track 1,3 and 4 written by Refused. Published by Startrec Music/adm. Outside Scandinavia Misty Music. Track 2 written by Di Leva/Refused. Published by Veggie Music (all money to N.S.M.P.D.). Track 5 written by the Prodigy. Published by EMI/Virgin pub. lmtd. 

Cover art by Dennis Erixon, layout by Jon and Dennis. 

Write us: Dennis Lyxzén - Kuratorv. 30 nb - 90736 Umeå - Sweden. Homepage: http://www.cabal.se/startrec/refused. Management by F. Holmgren/Star Tracks Box 2038 - 10311 Stockholm - Sweden. tel: +46-8-411 03 14. 

Dedicated to the workingclass. 

"If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution" - Emma Goldman.

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