Out on Burning Heart Records / Epitaph in April 2006

Info :
Format: DVD.
Label: Burning Heart Records / Epitaph.

Release date: 
AUS: 2006-04-15 
Scandinavia: 2006-04-19 
DE,AT,IT: 2006-04-21 
EUR: 2006-04-24 
US: 2006-04-25

Running time: 80 mins
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German
Audio formats: DTS / Dolby Stereo 2.0
DVD Region: All

Links :
www.burningheart.com/refused *
www.myspace.com/refused (see dvd trailer here)

"When the cops finally forced their way through the crowd at the very last Refused show, it seemed a fitting end to a story of revolutionary romanticism and merry rebellion. 

Refused was the greatest promise punk rock was making. Was that promise of redemption fulfilled in this act of repression or was it just another installation in the neverending soap opera of authority vs. kids? 

In this undaunred documentary, Refused guitarist Kristofer Steen retraces the steps of how punk rock's brave new sound forged it's way through the swamps and swill on their last campaign in Europe and America, rushing like mad dogs to meet with their inevitable doom".

Editor :
Kristofer Steen

Live tracks
- Worms of the senses/faculties of the skull 
- Liberation frequency
- The deadly rythm
- Summerholidays vs. punkroutine
- New noise
- The refused party program
- Refused are fuckin' dead
- The shape of punk to come 
- Tannhäuser/derivé 

- New noise
- Rather be dead

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Refused Are Fucking Dead (R.I.P)