Members of Refused: Jon Brännström.

Purusam was formed in the year of our lord 1994 from the ashes of another Swedish band called Reach. It was Fredrik, Johnny and Jon from Reach and then Anna Lena joined as an outsider. After a short history 3 weeks the demo “Fade” was recorded and when it reached Desperate Fight a couple of days later we decided to work with the band.

In May 1994 the 4 songs CD “Outbound” was released. After that release the band had a singer named Tobias ??? that sounded like Helloweens Michael Kiske, but since Jon wanted hardcore vocals on the upcoming album Tobias had to leave the band. Exactly 1 year after Outbound the debut full length “The way of the dying race” was released in Sweden.

At that time things started to change. Jon left the band to join Refused so Tobias (Willig) took over the mic. After a while Mikael joined to fill in the second guitar.

The band did a couple of tours with bands like Refused and Nine before they entered the studio to record their new album “Daybreak chronicles”. This record shows a more mature side of the band.

But nothing lasts, Mikael and Anna-Lena were replaced by Mattias (aka Limpan) from Sentinel 5 and a girl named Lena. This new setting in mars 1998 recorded the seven-inch “Of light and darkness” and released it at the Chineese record Ling Lao records.

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