Pump the brakes 

Genocide on genocide. Destroyed knowledge crushed pride. Lost culture to civilization. Reduced, abused beyond dignity. Contemptation, exploitation - ring the bell of information. Blocked the truth convincing, controlling - held us down unthinking, unknowing. Oppressed so many for so long. We've ignored the facts and moved along. We gotta pump the brakes. Wasting resources, face some facts and detect the causes. Cause our progression equals destruction. People getting killed by government corruption cause making most of the land, that's the plan, you gotta understand that 50 years down the line, there wont be no time, the time is now. Drained so much for so long. We've ignored the costs and moved along. Time to pump the brakes. We gotta pump the brakes. We gotta pump the brakes.


A complex structure. A full circle of hate. The victory was already there, but now its too late. A harmony to achieve in the simplest of ways. Torn to shreds inside, determent to lose that fate. Strength and determination, what's there to gain? An insight of insight, an attitude that will remain. A habit of standing, on a solid foundation, a reason to carry on is what is found. We only use the useless and then we forget. We build our lives out of nothing. The meaning seems meaningless.


Pacifying, uneducating - what did you learn on TV today? Network and media controlling the masses. Feeding us lies made up to be true. By abuse use reality can be twisted into the reality that fits us today. Cause we never doubt the genuinity of the things they told us. We follow their rules as hypnotized fools. No questions asked but the answers are all given and who sets the rules - who sets the rules? It serves us ideals, fashion and prejudice. What better way to learn about life. Glamorizing death but hiding the real facts. And it's worth for us to see through their eyes. But we can see so much more then their selective, subjective flow of information. We never question - the integrity of their faces. We never question - the intention behind - We never question - the stories told to us. Cause we just follow blind.

Who died? 

Simple solution, rejected for a change of views. I'm just evolving, I'm not better than you. I've changed - you said - I said - it's sad. You don't accept, the things that I believe. It will bleed, cause I still feel. I've changed - you said - I said - it's sad. Too bad you didn´t see the other side of me. Losing you it really hurt me. I'm not superior, I'm just a human being, so losing you it really hurt me. Cause you didn't take the time to see...

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