> December 09 - 2011

Make sure that Santa Claus will bring one of these for Christmas: 

You have probably deserved it :) 

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 > November 29 - 2011

There are two new videos that you need to check out, the first one is the killer single "Church of noise" with THE BLOODY BEETROOTS FEAT DENNIS LYXZÉN! Awesome song, awesome video, check it out: 
The Bloody Beetroots Feat Dennis Lyxzén "Church of noise"

There's also a new video out with INVASIONEN. It's the third video from their latest album and it's for the song "Förlorad". Check it out: 
Invasionen "Förlorad"

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 > October 06 - 2011

Update about the new and upcoming releases: 

Dennis Lyxzéns INVASIONEN is back! With a new line up, a new album and a new sound. If you liked the old Invasionen you will love the new Invasionen! Check out the singles/videos "Arvegods" and "Sanningsenligt" and make sure to pick up the new CD/LP on Sony Music / Columbia. Release date: OUT NOW!

Check it out here: 
> Invasionen - Saker som jag sagt till natten CD/LP

David Sandström has a new project going on. It’s called A HEAVY FEATHER and he will have the debut CD "You're the lotion on darkness knuckles as it punches light in the face" released by Razzia Records on October 12. It sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. Curious? You should be. As always, when it comes to this guy, you never know what to get. As always, this album is full of surprises. Curious? I bet so. 

Check it out here: 
> A Heavy Feather - You're the lotion on darkness CD

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 > September 21 - 2011

Ok, finally some news for you all!

There’s some new REFUSED merchandise available from Epitaph. Make sure to check it out and spend your money by clicking here:
www.kingsroadmerch.eu/bands/refused.html (Europe)
www.kingsroadmerch.com/refused/ (US)

The new record from INVASIONEN will be released in a couple of weeks. It’s called “Saker som jag sagt till natten” and will be released on both CD and LP. Release date is September 28. The band is right now doing a short tour in China! 

David Sandström also has a new project going on. It’s called A HEAVY FEATHER and he will have the debut CD "You're the lotion on darkness knuckles as it punches light in the face" released on October 12.

Check out both releases here: 
> Upcoming releases

Expect more updates about the upcoming releases soon. I have also updated the fanclub as well as the photo section (one new Refused tattoo added).

Thanks for reading this and see you soon.

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 > June 06 - 2011

Hi again, 

A message from Dennis Lyxzén

"So, This summer I will be touring with THE BLOODY BEETROOTS DEATHCREW 77. Doing New Noise and some other songs. Please come and check it out and say hi to me. Tourdates and info below. See you."

Check out this youtube clip: 
The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 feat Dennis

I don't know if you know but there's a REFUSED tribute band doing shows right now, check them out and support them! They're called THE REFUSED PARTY PROGRAM: "Refused Party Program is a temporary tribute to one of the best records ever made: 'The Shape Of Punk To Come' by the Swedish band Refused. We will play a few shows in 2011. After that, we'll be fucking dead" 

Check out this youtube clip: 
Refused Party Program playing "The shape of punk to come"

There's a new Refused tattoo added in the photo section this time as well. Thanks for the contribution! 
> The photos

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 > May 29 - 2011

Hi there, 

REFUSED frontman Dennis Lyxzén are working on a book about the years in Refused. Really really exciting to say the least! Check out this video interview in swedish (don't worry, english subtitles available), it's all about the upcoming book: 

Speaking about Dennis, there's a new INVASIONEN 12” EP out now called ”Arvegods”. Four new tracks. 

Check it out here: 
> Latest releases

They have recorded a new album as well, which is being mixed as we speak. I will get back to you with more details later on. The first single from the album is the one mentioned above, ”Arvegods”, listen to it here: 

This is too good not to mention: you can now, after all these years, finally get a FINAL EXIT shirt that doesn't cost a million at ebay. Monument Records have it in their webstore - and you need to get one! 

Available here: 

There's also a new Refused tattoo added in the photo section. Check it out: 
> The photos

Whatever you do, do not miss the new hope for Swedish hardcore – ANCHOR! Visit my fansite and lay your hands on their upcoming album ”Recovery”. Thanks. 

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 > April 12 - 2011

Hi there, 

Two new REFUSED related releases out now! 

The third 7" e.p. from INSTÄNGD is out now on Sorry State Records. Six new hardcore/punk songs! 

The AC4 album from 2009 is released in Australia through Shock Entertainment. And yes, different color on the artwork for this version as well. 

Check them out here: 
> Latest releases

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 > January 17 - 2011

I got interviewed by Swehc.com regarding this homepage and my relation to REFUSED! Check it out here: 

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 > January 12 - 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates recently but here comes the first update for 2011: 

First off, Epitaph Records have re-pressed the REFUSED album "Songs to fan the flames of discontent" on LP. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl exclusive to the Epitaph store. Make sure to lay your hands on this one! It was previously released on vinyl back in the mid 90's by Startracks and Victory Records, so this is the first re-press on LP in many years!

Check it out here: 
> Latest releases

Order it here: 

Make shure to check out the tour diary from AC4, very interesting reading indeed: 

Dennis other project, INSTÄNGD, will soon release their third 7" ep on Sorry State Records. It's called "Drag utan drog e.p." and I will let you know track listing and exact release date asap. You can check out the cover artwork here though: 
> Upcoming releases

I have also added a digital live bootleg with REFUSED. Download it for free here: 
> Promos & bootlegs

And, last but not least, the photo section have been updated with a new tattoo. Check it out. 
> The photos

Coming up next on this site is a Media-section. 

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