> NOVEMBER 22 - 2008

The long awaited album from THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY is finally out! It's called "The cross of my calling" and was released in Europe on November 17. The album will be out in the States on November 25! The band have been around for 10 years now and this is their fourth full-length! Check out this page for more info:
> The cross of my calling - release page

Also, check out the updated FINAL EXIT page here: 
> Final Exit page

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 > OCTOBER 19 - 2008

Last month I went to see the new hardcore-band AC4. As I've told you before this band feature the former REFUSED-members Dennis Lyxzén on vocals and David Sandström on bass. I had the opportunity to both meet and interview the guys and you can check out the result by clicking the link below. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to translate the interview to English yet so right now it's only available in Swedish; 
> AC4 interview

I also took tons of photos of the gig and here's some of them:
> AC4 photos

Speaking about AC4, they have recorded songs for their first full-length and it will be released by Dennis own label Ny Våg Records in 2009.

Dennis is also the drummer in another hardcore/punk-band called INSTÄNGD. They have so far released two 7"-inch EP's. If you're curious about this band, check out the links below:
> Instängd discography

The new DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE album "Pigs lose" will be released next week and to celebrate this I have put up a page about it, check it out here:
> Pigs Lose - release page

The upcoming THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY album "The cross of my calling" will also be released in Europe by Burning Heart / Epitaph on November 17. As informed earlier the US-version will be handled by American / Vagrant and will be out on November 25.
> The upcoming releases page

The REFUSED masterpiece "The shape of punk to come" is finally available on vinyl again! Epitaph have made a limited re-press of this classic so act fast while supplies last! Place your order today: 

There will also be a vinyl-version of the FINAL EXIT discography album "Det egentliga Västerbotten"! It will be relased by the great label Monument Records and this version will also include last years reunion gig on DVD! No relase date is set yet, but it will be out sometime next year. Check out the Monument homepage/mailorder: 

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 > SEPTEMBER 15 - 2008

THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY today announces their latest disc, Cross Of My Calling, will be released on November 25, 2008 on Vagrant/American Recordings in the U.S. The quartet recorded the fourteen-track set at Sunset Sound in Hollywood with legendary producer Rick Rubin at the helm. 
"We've worked hard for a long time, but it's a tough world to get by in. Anything that doesn't fit the mold scares the music industry," says lyricist and singer Dennis Lyxzén. "We know how this world works; that's just the way it is, But we also recognize the industry is on shaky ground because of that, which is why it's so cool to have someone like Rick believe in you."

Guest appearances on the album include Karl Jacobsson- organ, Lenny Castro – percussion, Sam Velde and Lisa Kekaula (The Bellrays) – backing vocals.

/ Antimusic.com (On September 12)

Check the link below for cover artwork and track listing: 
> The upcoming releases page

Check their myspace for a taste of what to come: 

Check the labels that will release it: 

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 > SEPTEMBER 06 - 2008

Finally some news about the new DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE album! It will be released on October 22 by Razzia Records. The first single “Lisa, Lisa” will be released on September 10. The single will only be available digitally! You can find the album cover and tracklisting by clicking the link below: 
> The upcoming releases page


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 > AUGUST 04 - 2008

(Members of Refused: David Sandström)
A new song is posted on their myspace! But I still don't have any delivery-date for the upcoming album...

(Members of Refused: Jon F Brännström)
Message from their myspace: 
New record out now! It is called 'Vital Signs' and sounds and looks quite good. If you want to buy a copy please send us a message and we will get back to you with payment details. It's quite cheap indeed. 60SEK/8€/13$ including shipping. / Text

(Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén)
I still don't have any delivery-date but we should have it very soon according to the bands myspace page. 

(Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén & David Sandström)
Have a myspace account up and running! 

(Members of Refused: Jon F Brännström)
Also have a myspace account!

(Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén)
Don't forget to check out the demo songs on their myspace!

/ Webmaster

 > JUNE 01 - 2008

The DVD documentary "Tillflykt" with DAVID SANDSTRÖM is finally out! It's available as regular DVD and special edition 2-disc version with David Sandströms long out-of-print CD "Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag" included as a bonus! The documentary is about David seeking to find his roots. He want to escape from the city and find a house in the quiet north. The movie includes lyrics from the author Sara Lidman, photographs from Sune Jonsson and music by David himself. This is really some interesting piece of work, so make sure to check it out! 
> The latest releases page

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 > MAY 13 - 2008

As I have informed earlier Dennis and David of Refused had plans to start a hardcore-band together. Well, they now have! They actually already played their first gig and they actually played a cover of Step Forwards classic song "Does it make a difference?". The line up: Dennis on vocals, David on bass, Kalle from Vectors on guitar and Jens from Regulations on drums. The band is called AC4!

Also, the upcoming album "The cross of my calling" with THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY is finally mixed and the band hopes to give us a release-date very soon! They have some festival gigs booked so check out their myspace. 

That's all for now. See you.

/ Webmaster

 > APRIL 14 - 2008

2 updates from the official INVASIONEN myspace page: 

09 apr 2008:
why Swedish and a new name and some other random things!!!! 

So, alot of people have been asking about the name change and the language change so I’d thought that I’d give you some sort of reason why all of this happened!

Change of name: There is a really crappy stuck up American artsy fartsy Indie band from NYC called The lost Patrol and they copyrighted the name and sent us threateing letters saying that we interfered with their livelyhood and so on. 
They got laywers involved and managed to remove all the Lost Patrol Band and Lost Patrol stuff from all American Distros and Itunes and such places. They also threatend to sue us if we ever used the name in the states again. This is also a big part of why the last LPB record never came out in the states.
So, we figured that we needed a new name if we ever wanted to come to the states or even make our records avalible over there!

A while ago I started trying to write songs in Swedish, this felt like alot of fun and something new and somewhere along the line we decided that we were going to start playing only Swedish songs so then we figured that we should change our name into a swedish name and call it quits with The Lost Patrol Band. Sometimes you just need to go where you heart and music takes you!!! We did The Lost Patrol Band for 5 years, did over a 100 shows and did a couple of great tours but... it was time for a change!
So, we choose the name Invasionen. Invasionen is Swedish for The Invasion. At first we wanted to call the band Invasion cause that would work in english as well but given the fact that there are like a million bands called Invasion (Vinnie Vincents Invasion just to mention one ) we went with Invasionen.

About singing in Swedish: I never ever wrote songs in Swedish, ever. For the past 20 years I’ve been singing in a language that is not my own! And when we started writing in Swedish it felt cool, a whole new way of communcating and a whole new set of words to play with.
We might still do songs in English, might even do the new record in both a Swedish and English version. Right now we are focusing on the Swedish but.... 
Also, the ambitious man that I am, I will try to add the lyrics to the songs here and maybe (if we ever update it) on the Ny Våg webpace. Both in Swedish and in English!!! For those of you that are curious, these are some of the most relevant lyrics I ever written!!!
So, there you have it!!! Hopefully people that dont understand Swedish will still dig the music that we are making!!!! And hopefully people will come out and see us play with the new tunes and the new name!!!

Some other short news!!!
Check out Roberts other band Masshysteri, they are touring their asses off in a club near you, so go out and support them. Great stuff! www.myspace.com/masshysteri.
Andre is not only playing drums with us he is also Singing in a great punkband called Tristess, they are done with their new record and they have music on the line. www.myspace.com/tristessumea.
Also check out Anders other band the Deportees, they are going into the studio next week to record a new record. www.myspace.com/deporteesmusic 

Sorry, this got really long!!!
If you read this far, well done!!!
Hope to see you soon and remember. Invasionen är här!!!!!!
Dennis and Invasionen!!!!

01 apr 2008:
New name!!! 

So, it is official! 
We changed our name and we are now called Invasionen. The Lost Patrol Band is no more!!!!
We Played our first proper show at the Umeå Open Festival this past weekend together with among others The Scrags, Pascal, Auktion, Masshysteri and Sista Sekunden!
Next weekend we are playing a couple of shows in Umeå and Luleå to get started then we are going to take the rest of the spring off to write new songs.
Robert is going on tour with Masshysteri and Anders is recording a new Deportees album.
Our plan is to write songs during the spring and hopefully record a proper record this summer. We recorded two songs for the Upcoming Ny Våg compilation and also recorded a demo, we added a couple of songs here!
Our plan is to sing only in Swedish, we have a couple of songs written in English so we will see what happens with that.
Anyway, we have more news coming and we will hopefully add some more music and some more photos later on!
alright, we will keep you updated. This is an exiting time. 

/ Invasionen

Also, the upcoming DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE album has been delayed. It will be out in the fall of 2008, but a single from the album might see the light of day this summer! 

/ Webmaster

 > FEBRUARY 27 - 2008

Updates from the official THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY myspace page: 

First update 2008


We thought it was about time to give you all an update from The (international) Noise Conspiracy camp. This will be the first update in bunch to follow to let you know, first hand, about what's going on with the band and the new album. 

We want to thank everyone that supported the Causes 1 – project and bought the "Causes"-album from Waxploitation records. There's still time to buy the album on-line, just click on the link below. All the profits are going to Doctors without borders, Human rights watch, Oxfam America and Save Darfur. We have contributed to this album with a song called "Washington Bullets" that will be featured on our upcoming album.

When it comes to our new album we are as anxious as you are to have it released. It's been a slow process to get the album mixed and we sure wish things had gone faster, but now things are really moving forward. We have most of the album mixed and it sounds amazing! We want to thank you all for waiting so patiently and you will be rewarded with the best album we have ever done by far. And soon, very soon, we hope to post some exclusive pre-release tracks on-line. 

The new album entitled "THE CROSS OF MY CALLING", produced by RICK RUBIN, will be released by American Recordings later this year. We wish that we could give you a set release date by now, but we do not have one yet. As soon as we know – you will know.

Apart from playing some fantastic shows last year, we all have been busy with our own projects and private lives. 

Dennis has been touring Europe and Scandinavia, like a madman, with the LOST PATROL BAND who has now changed their name to INVASIONEN. There will be more info about this to follow on the bands official web sites. Dennis also left the urban life to settle down on the country side. Apart from that he has been running his NY VÅG label and the NY VÅG-club.


/ The (International) Noise Conspiracy

 > FEBRUARY 17 - 2008

Hi there! 

Now you can watch a new video from DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE! It's called "Not a good boy" and is the first single from the upcoming album "Pigs lose". I will get back with more info about the album soon! 

Check out the video on their myspace: 

Speaking about David Sandström; he is also involved in the experimental project VOLYO

Check out their myspace as well: 

Once again; thank you Marcel Kayser for all the great research! 

/ Webmaster

 > FEBRUARY 01 - 2008


This year will most likely give us a new REFUSED record! It's their US label Epitaph that are planning to release a live album! The band had a meeting sometime ago regarding this and regarding their contract with Epitaph

David Sandström says:

"...It was nice to meet again but it feels kind of surrealistic that new material will see the light of day when we quit the band almost 10 years ago..."

This is really great news and I will keep you updated about it as soon as I hear anything! 

Check this link for more info (only in Swedish): 

Another thing to look forward to is the upcoming DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE album. There will probably be a single released in February and the album will probably be out in March! 

/ Webmaster

 > JANUARY 09 - 2008

Updates from the official THE LOST PATROL BAND myspace page: 

A long needed update and a tour of Sweden!!!! 

Right on! 2008!

Here's the update. We are going on tour in Sweden together with Punk legends Asta Kask and drunk legends the Accidents, should be a blast.
The Dates are:
10/1 Stockholm - Debaser Medis
11/1 Turku (finland) - S-Osis 
12/1 Helsinki (Finland) - Tavasti
23/1 Örebro - Tba (by Ourselves)
24/1 Malmö - Kb
25/1 Norrköping - Mogwai
26/1 Göteborg - Sticky Fingers
31/1 Sandviken - Kungen
1/2 Umeå - Scharinska
2/2 Sundvall - Pipeline

We have no real plans for the rest of the spring but we might try to make a trip out to Spain and Italy!
We are also still looking for a label to release our record in the states.

Other news are the we recorded a couple of songs for a possible 7" with April 77. We also started writing songs for a new album, the plan is to make one record in Swedish and then one in English. The songwriting is going really well and we are playing a bunch of new songs live right now. We will keep you updated on that.

The last thing is that we have to change our name. If there is going to be any possibility that records will be avalible in the states. The band Lost patrol from NYC threathens to sue if we use the Lost patrol band name in the states and they made sure that all the old records got removed from Itunes and from the recordstores.... great people for sure!!!!
So, a name change is coming up... maybe even a swedish and a english name to really confuse matters!!!

anyway, hope to see you out on the road!!!
Dennis and The band that still goes under the name the Lost patrol band!!!

/ The Lost Patrol Band

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