> DECEMBER 25 - 2007

Hi there, the DAVID SANDSTRÖM DVD that I told you about last time is not released yet. I haven't seen any official release-date but I guess it will be out early 2008. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know! 

The fanclub has been updated and that's all for the moment. 

See you in 2008!

/ Webmaster

 > DECEMBER 12 - 2007

A documentary about REFUSED's own DAVID SANDSTRÖM will soon be available on DVD! It's called "Tillflykt" and is made by Alberto Herskowitz and Mikael Wiström. It will be released by Noble Entertainment around late December 2007. See cover artwork on the "upcoming releases" page and stay tuned for more news about this...

Check out: The upcoming releases

/ Webmaster

 > NOVEMBER 18 - 2007

Hello, I have updated the discography section with more info about each release. I've added cat.no and larger covers for all the releases... and more...

Check out: The discography section

/ Webmaster

 > NOVEMBER 12 - 2007

Updates from the official THE LOST PATROL BAND myspace page: 

new recordings by The Lost Patrol Band! 

Yeah, last week we recorded 3 songs for some different compilations. We are doing two songs for a Ny Våg comp in swedish. One new song called Tidsfördriv which you might have heard us play live and one Cover of the best swedish band ever Ebba Grön. We also recorded one song for a tribute powerpop 7", a cover of Jack Lee's Come Back and Stay. Within the next couple of weeks we are also going into the studio to record 2 songs for a new 7" on newly started label April77 Records. Should be good and we will keep you posted. As soon as we get some songs mixed we will add them to the page.

We are also playing our 100th show in Umeå on December 21st. So if you are anywhere close!!! 

Talk to you soon.
Dennis and The Lost Patrol Clowns!

/ The Lost Patrol Band

 > NOVEMBER 10 - 2007

The classic Swedish hardcore/metal band BREACH will make a reunion gig in Stockholm on December 6. The venue is Debaser Medis. In case you didn't know: Refused bass-player Magnus Höggren joined Breach after he separated ways with Refused. I guess Magnus will not play on the reunion gig though, since he was not in their final line up.

Check this link for more info (only in Swedish): 

/ Webmaster

 > OCTOBER 14 - 2007

Hi there, 

The upcoming THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY album will not be out in 2007 as earlier stated on this site. It will be out in early 2008 and will probably be named "The cross of my calling". This is just the working title so please observe that it might be changed.

There are rumours about Dennis and David of REFUSED are planning to start a hardcore-band together! This is not at all confirmed by any of the members so keep in mind that these are only rumours.

Dennis younger brother, Fredrik Lyxzén, have filmed (and edited) the FINAL EXIT reunion gig from the Umeå Open festival earlier this year. There were plans to release a DVD and some labels were interested. But as it looks right now, the whole thing is put on ice. If it will ever come out, it will be called "Den stora vreden", but don't expect anything untill I can confirm that it's going to happen. 

I have updated the members-section with info about what the members of Refused do today. 
Check out: The members page

The fanclub has also been updated. 
Check out: The fanclub section

Thank you:Marcel Kayser (for all the great information!)

/ Webmaster

 > SEPTEMBER 17 - 2007

Hi again! 

I have worked some more on the related bands/related releases pages. For the first time ever on this site I have now added the REFUSED-related releases with the ex-members: Magnus Björklund (Cobolt), Pär Hansson (Final Exit & Abhinanda), Henrik Jansson (Step Forward) and Magnus Höggren (Breach). If anybody knows what these guys are up to today, please let me know. 

Anyway, check out these new pages/updates:

(discography page updated with more releases)
(new pages: discography and biography)
(new pages: discography and biography)

You will find all these pages on the discography- and the biography-sections! 
Check out: The related bands releases
Check out: The related bands biographies

I have also updated the members-section with photos of the ex-members and the stand-in members!
Check out: The ex-members page
Check out: The stand-in members page

This is it for a while. See you later. 

/ Webmaster

 > SEPTEMBER 14 - 2007

I have finally got some work done on this site! First off, I renamed the page "other" to "archive" and added tons of stuff! Some of the goodies that you will find there: REFUSED essay, T(I)NC interview/photos, banners, infopages for album releases and all kinds of stuff. You need to check it out to see what it's all about! 
Check out: The archive section

Then I have also added biographies to the Refused-related bands, you will find them on the biography-page. These and the archive-pages have been on this site before but I decided to skip those when I launched the new version of this site in January. But now they're back again! 
Check out: The related bands biographies

Besides this I have also added demo's and cassettes with the Refused-related bands Step Forward, Garbage Pailkids, Abhinanda, Purusam and Final Exit on the related-releases page that you will find on the Discography-section. 
Check out: The related bands releases


/ Webmaster

 > SEPTEMBER 01 - 2007

The upcoming DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE album will not come out in 2007 as earlier mentioned on this site. But it will be out in early 2008 and that sure is something to look forward to! 

I hope to be able to give you some information about the upcoming THE (INT.) NOISE CONSPIRACY album soon. I haven't heard anything about it, but I guess it should not be to far away now... anyway, I'll let you know as soon as I get any information about this. 

The upcoming vinyl-version of the FINAL EXIT discography album is still in the works! 

/ Webmaster

 > AUGUST 08 - 2007

Ok, this is a small update. I've added a compilation called "100% adrenalin" on the compilation page. It was released in 1997 by MRN (Musikrörelsen) and includes a live-version of the song "Coup d' état". If you know any other compilations that I have missed, please let me know! But I'm not interested in adding tons of promo compilations so skip those...

Also, I have updated the fanclub. But that's all for today.

/ Webmaster

 > JULY 02 - 2007

Hi there, 

Finally I bought myself a domain! The new url is: 

Isn't that great? 

Remember to add your bookmarks! 

/ Webmaster

 > MAY 19 - 2007


I have just added the Refused "timeline" on the biography-page. Check it out! 

The FINAL EXIT discography album still isn't out on vinyl yet. I will let you know as soon as I get any info about this. 

I haven't heard anything new from the T(I)NC and David Sandström camps regarding the upcoming albums so I guess this is it. See you soon. 

/ Webmaster

 > APRIL 09 - 2007

Hi there, 

Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to Umeå so I missed the FINAL EXIT re-union gig. But you can check out some nice live photos from the gig and also read this interview(only in Swedish though) that I found on the net. The discography album "Det egentliga Västerbotten - komplett diskografi 94-97" is out on CD, not yet on LP. You should definitely check this release out! It includes all the Final Exit songs as well as the lyrics, lot's of nice live photos plus liner notes. A must have for anyone into hardcore music. This is a very nice testament of this legendary band! 

The US label Alternative Tentacles have re-released the live-album "Live at Oslo Jazzfestival" with THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY. It was originally released in Europe only by Moserobie in 2003. Speaking about T(I)NC; the recording of the upcoming studio album is going fine, check their official site for studio updates. 

David Sandström is still working on building his studio I think. He should have a new album out in late 2007.

That's all for now. See you soon. 

/ Webmaster

 > MARCH 19 - 2007

Ok, mark your calenders now as I can confirm that the upcoming FINAL EXIT discography CD/LP will be released on April 2! 

It's titled "Det egentliga Västerbotten - komplett diskografi 94-97". 

See album cover, track-listing and other info on the Final Exit page! 

I guess there'll be no more updates before the gig but I hope that I can bring some nice live photos when I get back. It's gonna be a blast! 

/ Webmaster

 > FEBRUARY 25 - 2007

Hi there! 

The date for the FINAL EXIT gig is now set, they will play on Saturday March 31. I have updated the FE page with this info and added two songs for you to download as well! 

I'm going to add the lyrics soon as well.

Also, It's now confirmed that Rick Rubin will produce THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY's upcoming album! He did a great work with last album "Armed love" and I'm sure this album will turn out great as well. 

/ Webmaster

 > FEBRUARY 15 - 2007

Hi folks! 

The FINAL EXIT reunion gig is coming closer! As well as the Discography CD/LP. It's now official that Mofab Teg Recordings will release the CD-version and Wasted Sounds will release the LP-version. The album will include both full-lengths, the 7" and some compilation tracks. 

Wasted Sounds says: 

"Damn, this Swedish all-star band were the highest jumping, fastest playing band with attitude that were so Punk that it shocked an entire generation of young Swedish hardcore kids. This Straight Edge bands lyrics made a mark on the Swedish scene that cant be washed away. Final Exit were Swedens answer to Project X..."

For tickets and info about the gig, check out these links:


I have updated the Final Exit page (index page, the biography and the members-page).

OK, see you in the pit! 

/ Webmaster

 > JANUARY 30 - 2007

Hey friends! 

I have now added linernotes to all the releases on the discography page. I also added a completely new page with promos and bootlegs on the discography-section. 

/ Webmaster

 > JANUARY 23 - 2007

Hi there! 

I spend Saturday night in front of the computer, the result is the "Related Releases" page that you can find on the discography-page. 

/ Webmaster

 > JANUARY 15 - 2007

Hi there! 

As promised this site now has a totally different look! It has a very simple design, the entire site is built upon one picture only - the one you see above with the cartoons. The picture might look familiar to you, well if you have the early version of "The first conspiracy" with T(I)NC you know that these cartoons are featured in the artwork. But this design is actually a rip-off of a very nice REFUSED shirt that I have, probably the coolest Refused shirt there is. So I thought that it would be cool to design the homepage after that piece of work. See it here

The FINAL EXIT gig will not be on March 14 as I confirmed last time. They will play some day during the last weekend of March at the Umeå Open Festival. I will get back to you when I know exact time and date. There's also going to be a Discography CD/LP released, it will hopefully be out in time for the gig. Since all this great stuff is happening I felt that it was my duty to create a Final Exit page on this site! Check it out here

Other things to look forward to in 2007: new albums with THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY and DAVID SANDSTRÖM OVERDRIVE.

I might buy a domain to this site to get rid of all the pop-up's and crap. That's all for now. See you soon. 

/ Webmaster

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