/// December 05 – 2006 :: 
Breaking News: 

FINAL EXIT - the hardest band ever - are back for one show only! See them in Umeå, Sweden on March 14 (exactly 10 years after their last gig in 1997). Who can afford to miss this hardhitting hardcore legend featuring members of Refused and Abhinanda? More info to come. Read more about Final Exit here >>>

Also, next time I'm updating this site it will have a totally different design! That's for sure something to look forward to! My plan is to launch it late December or early January. 

That's all for now see you on the new shape of page to come!
/// October 15 – 2006 :: 
Hi there, 

It's been a while. Here's some news for you all; the new The Lost Patrol Band album "Automatic" will be released tomorrow! Make sure to check it! CD version is brought to you by Burning Heart Records and the vinyl version by Ny Våg Records. Also, make sure to pick up the 7" on Ny Våg Records. 
More info about the album and the 7" here >>>

The band will also hit the road to do their first tour outside Sweden ever (including Swedish dates as well) so don't miss it! Check out the tourdates here >>>

The (International) Noise Conspiracy are now writing and rehearsing for a new album! More info to come! 

Last but not least: The fanclub has been updated >>>
/// July 25 – 2006 :: 
Ok, the information on the last update (May 21, see below) is not correct. The new Lost Patrol Band album is not being released as a 7" on Ny Våg Records. The full-length CD titled "Automatic" will be out on Burning Heart Records in October. But next week Ny Våg Records will release a 7"-single called "Automatic kids" which includes 1 track from the upcoming album and 3 previously unreleased. See info and album cover on both releases here >>>

Sorry, the fanclub has not been updated this time. Maybe next time. Bye.
/// May 21 – 2006 :: 
Hi there, 

I hope all of you have picked up a copy of the REFUSED ARE FUCKING DEAD DVD as it has been out a month now. The response has been good from both the kids and the media. I love it, it's truly amazing! You simply need to check it out by your own! 

Check out this new article/interview with Kristofer Steen >>>

THE LOST PATROL BAND will have their second full-length released this summer. It's called “Automatic Kids” and is actually a 7". Yes, that's right, a full-length album on 7"-inch vinyl! That's pretty odd! It will be out on Dennis own label Ny Våg Records. See album cover here >>>

Also, the fanclub has been updated. >>>

See you. 
/// March 27 – 2006 :: 

You can now watch a short trailer for the DVD "REFUSED ARE FUCKING DEAD" on the official myspace-page! >>>

People that are going to the Close-Up Festival in Stockholm, Sweden (15-16 of April) also have the chance to see the film before everybody else! They will send an exclusive preview the day before the festival (April 14) at Södra Teatern. Read more here >>>

Also, everyone in Germany should check out the April issue of VISIONS MAGAZINE which has a 8-page special about Refused. Check out their homepage >>>

Last but not least: the fanclub has been updated. >>>
/// March 05 – 2006 :: 

I had this idea that I wanted to list all the tracks ever recorded by Refused (and so I did). Let me know if I have missed any track. Check it our here >>>

That's all.
/// February 08 – 2006 :: 
Hi there! 

Here's some really nice news: the REFUSED ARE FUCKING DEAD DVD is finally coming out!!! Release-date is set, artwork is finished and alot of info is available here >>> So, make sure to check it out, but please read the stuff below first: 

I'm very proud to announce that I have had the honour to make the NEW OFFICIAL REFUSED HOMEPAGE! Yes, it's true and you can check it out here as it's now launched on the net! >>>

I'm not sure what will happen to this site but I think I'll keep it up. 
What I know fore sure is that the fanclub has been updated though =) >>>

See you. 
/// January 14 – 2006 :: 
It's a new year again! 2006 will see the release of the loooong awaited REFUSED DVD! It's now 10 years ago I discovered this amazing band for the first time (and they have been my favourite band ever since)! So you can imagine how much I'm looking forward for this DVD to come out! I will update with info about it as soon as all the details are official! 

Here's some site updates: I have upated the fanclub >>> as well as removed some dead links on the noise >>> section. That means that there's now only a few downloadable tracks left on that section. The live-track's didn't work either so I have removed that link as well. I hope most of you already have downloaded these tracks. 

The link-section has also been updated >>> with the link to the official Refused page on Myspace.com. Check it out!

That's all right now, but keep your eyes open for some really nice news coming up here soon! 

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