/// December 25 – 2005 :: 

"... And people, believe it or not but it is finely ready. Of course we are talking about the long awaited “REFUSED Are Fucking Dead” DVD. We plan on releasing it early April worldwide so keep your hungry eyes open for a trailer and some more info coming your way very soon!..." >>>
/// December 11 – 2005 :: 
Hi there, 

There's so much going on right now: The release of the DVD is really coming closer! I will update this page with all info regarding this item as soon as the label, Burning Heart, goes out to the public with information about it. 

Other stuff to watch out for: THE LOST PATROL BAND's album has finally been pressed on vinyl. It's been available since December 2:nd on Ny Våg Records (which is Dennis own label). Lost Patrol is also working on a new record that will be recorded early next year. Check out Ny Våg Records >>>

THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY has released a live ep but this is a limited promotion EP only that was given out at selected stores along with the North American release of Armed Love. If you want a copy of this hard-to-get item, try ebay. You can find album-cover, tracklisting and more info here >>>

Last but not least: the fanclub has been updated and now there's over 1000 members! Yeah, check it out here >>> if you don't believe me =) 

/// October 01 – 2005 :: 

I've talked with a guy at Burning Heart and he told me that he watched the upcoming REFUSED DVD last week for the first time. He says it's truly amazing! 

Damn, I think we're getting closer now! He'll get back to me asap and of course I'll get back to you as soon as I hear anything new! 

The latest album from THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY "Armed love" will finally be released in the states. Release-date is next week - on October 4th. It will be released by American Recordings/Warner Bros. 

Sorry for the delays of updates recently. The fanclub has been updated though >>>

Ok, see you.
/// August 11 – 2005 :: 

I've done some small changes here and there. The most cool stuff to look for is a bunch of new photos put up on the pictures-section >>>

I've also put up the noise-page. Yes, I know it's been under construction for ages. There you'll find links to downloadable tracks on the net. There's also some nice live stuff there so go check it out >>>

What I haven't done is updating the fanclub. That'll be next time. Maybe =)

Take care. 
/// July 14 – 2005 :: 

I know, it's been a while. There's not much to say now either. But I've got four things; 

- The new album from David Sandström rocks! 

- The latest T(I)NC album is finally coming out in the US. Official date is 4:th of october! Label: American Recordings (I assume).

- The latest Lost Patrol album is also coming out in the US. Release-date is 23:rd of August. Label: Epitaph. 

- The Refused DVD which everyone is waiting for is hopefully coming out this autumn. 

* To be clear; this is just "hopefully" and nothing is confirmed! I don't believe it until I see it. 

Ok, talk to you later. 
/// May 25 – 2005 :: 

The new album from David Sandström Overdrive is out! It's called "Go down!" and is released by Mofab (just like the last one). I have not heard it just yet so I'll come back to it. I have put up a page about it though >>>

The message-board is a success! See you all there! >>>

The fanclub is also doing well: 918 members! Speaking about the fanclub; it has been updated today! >>>

Unfortunately I haven't heard any news about the upcoming Refused DVD. But as soon as I hear ANYTHING I'll tell you! 

See you soon. 
/// May 03 – 2005 :: 
FINALLY: a message-board on page.to/come!

Yes, it's true. Big thanx to Alexander Tillman for putting it up! 
/// April 24 – 2005 :: 
Hi there, 

The guestbook has been down. Now it's back up again. Please sign it! 

The new album from The Lost Patrol, now known as "The Lost Patrol Band" is out! Dennis and his bandmembers are right now touring and promoting the album. See tourdates here >>>

David is also also on the road with his new project David Sandström Overdrive. They're part of the "Stämning" tour together with the humour collective "Klungan". See tourdates here >>>

Other stuff: The fanclub has been updated >>>

The (International) Noise Conspiracy has finally got a new official homepage >>>
/// March 19 – 2005 :: 
Hi there, 

The release-date of The Lost Patrol Band's upcoming album has finally been set. It will be out in about a month, April 18th, on Burning Heart Records. To celebrate this I've added a page about the album that you can find here >>>

I've had the luck to find a compilation including a previously unreleased Refused song from the 1997/1998-era that I didn't know existed. This song is called "Ode to dischord" and is a pretty short instrumental and electronic piece of music that probably was recorded during the studio-sessions for "The shape of punk to come". I was really happy to find this song even though it's not one of the greatest they did. I found it on a Swedish compilation called "Brand - 100 år av frihetlig socialism" that I've now added to the compilations-page >>>

What else? Yeah, the fanclub has been updated! >>> See you. 
/// February 20 – 2005 :: 
Well, this site wasn't up as I said below due to different reasons. Anyway, it's up now as you can see.

R.I.P # 1: Texas (my cat) died because of ilness on February the 9:th. He was only three years old. It was a tragedy and he is deeply missed. 

R.I.P # 2: Mieszko Talarczyk (of grindcore-heroes Nasum) is no more. He has been missing after the tsunami disaster in Thailand on the 26:th of December. He is now confirmed dead. May he rest in peace.

Please read the news below...
/// January 30 – 2005 :: 
This site has been down for a while for different reasons. Well, now it's back again and almost every page has been more or less updated! 

Those pages that has been most updated is: the biography, the discography, the fanclub and the related bands-section. Make sure to check these pages out and the other's as well. 

I have plans for doing more changes when it comes to the layout of this site. We'll see what happens (and when). 

This is too bizarre not to announce: The Swedish version of women's fashion magazine Elle voted Dennis Lyxzén the sexiest man in Sweden. Sitting at number three on the list is Howlin' Pelle Almqvist of The Hives. Dennis commented "Everybody I know is laughing at it, my little sister said 'You're not even a man'."

Coming up next: I have some photos that I should put up on the photo-section soon. There's also been many people asking for a forum/message-board. I think it would be a fun thing to have on the site and I'm currently looking for alternatives. If anyone knows a place on the Internet where I can get really good forums for free, please let me know. 

Also make sure to read the news below (January 16) since they never got publiced before the site was put down...
/// January 16 – 2005 :: 
Hi there! 

I know, it's been a while since last time. Here's some news for you:

T(I)NC has released a new single. It's the second one from the last album and it's for the very catchy song "A small demand". It also contains two previously unrelased tracks. Just like the "Black mask" single this one is also released as a really nice picture 7". Limited of course. You should go pick up while it lasts. 

Another pretty new release is the Garbage Pailkids CD. I'm not sure when it was released, probably late 2004. It's the complete discography of GPK, including their two demos, bonustracks and some live-material all on one CD. This is some early Umeå Hardcore/punk shit that Dennis used to play the bass in back in the day.

For more info on both releases, albumcovers, tracklistings and all that shit click here >>>

As I told you before the remixed 5.1-version of The Shape Of Punk To Come was nominated for Best Multichannel Reissue for the Surround Music Awards in the US. They didn't win, so know you know. I haven't heard anything more about the upcoming DVD since last time. I really hope they will put it out soon. As soon as I hear anything I'll let you know. 

Site-updates: I have updated the discography section; two promo's has been added on the promo/bootleg page >>> I've also added a new compilation on the comp page >>>. You should check out this record. It's the new 2-disc Burning Heart compilation "Heartattack" that features lot's of goodies; "Refused are fucking dead" by Refused, "Black mask" and a remixed version of "Armed love" by T(I)NC. The Lost Patrol contributes with "Alright" and a song from the upcoming The Lost Patrol Band album. Also check out Nasum doing a really good cover of Refused's "The real". Speaking about Nasum, they're going through some hard times right now since one of their members is still missing in Thailand after the Tsunami. We all hope he'll be back alive. 

Other stuff: The biography has been updated >>>. The related bands-section should be updated soon and the fanclub as well. That's all. Thank you. 

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