/// October 19 2004 :: 
Here follows some words from Kristofer Steen about the upcoming Refused DVD, published on Burningheart.com recently: 

Refused Are Fucking Delayed... Read Kristofer Steen's comment here
[Monday, October 18th, 2004]

I was asked to write a comment about the progress of the Refused DVD. To say that it's been delayed is of course a gross understatement. However, for those of you not familiar with the process of documentary filmmaking with its assembling of material and editing etc, all I can say is that it takes quite a bit of time to piece everything together. It is slowly but surely taking shape and hopefully it will be worth the wait. 

I showed parts of the film to the Burning Heart-crew the other week so they can testify that it does exist. The people at BHR has refered to the cautionary tale of the boy who cried wolf too many times for me to mention a new releasedate. The very thought of a mob of refusedfans with torches knocking on my door claiming my soul and my harddrive is simply too terrifying. Hopefully, it won't come to that. 

Anyways, I hope that the final result will please everyone who have had the patience to wait for it. 

2004-10-18 / Kristofer Steen

Yeah, the constant delaying sucks, but it will absolutely be worth the wait! 

Other news: David Sandström has recorded some new songs as "David Sandstrom Overdrive". There's no plans to release it right now so I'll get back to you with more info about this when I know more. 

Next single from T(I)NC's masterpiece "Armed love" will be for the song "A small demand". There's gonna be 2 previoulsy unreleased tracks on this one and it will also be released as a picture 7" in the UK only, just like the "Black mask" single. Also, the upcoming Lost Patrol Band will probably have their album released this spring. 

Talk to you later!
/// September 23 2004 :: 
Just a small update this time. 

I've fixed some info on the site that was not correct and changed some stuff here and there. Not much to say about it. I have some ideas on a new design for this site. It will probably have a new look sometime during the winter. I hope to update the fanclub soon and I should really do something about the related-bands section. Later dudes. 

If you didn't know: T(I)NC's latest single "Black mask" is released as a cool picture 7" in the UK only. Pretty cool.
/// August 19 2004 :: 
Hey boys & girls! 

Here follows some news published on Burningheart.com recently:

Refused nominated for Best Multichannel Reissue in the US. 
[Tuesday, August 17th, 2004]

The remixed 5.1-version of The Shape Of Punk To Come has been nominated for Best Multichannel Reissue for the Surround Music Awards in the US. 

Best Multichannel Reissue
Stankonia; Outkast [BMG/5.1 Production Services]
Live in Japan; George Harrison [Capitol Records]
The Shape of Punk to Come; Refused [Epitaph]
Gaucho; Steely Dan [Universal/MCA]
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; Elton John [Universal/UME/Chronicles]

The awards ceremony is on August 31.

The 5.1-version will be released in Europe by Burning Heart Records late 2004/early 2005, at the same time as the long-awaited DVD - "Refused Are Fucking Dead". 

Yeah, that's it. Pretty cool, huh? The nominee I mean, not that the "Refused are fucking dead" DVD has been delayed again. That really sucks! 

Ok, see you. 
/// July 29 2004 :: 
Hi there, 

The new T(I)NC album "Armed love" has been out for a couple of weeks. To this date this is by far their best album. I really love it. It's an excellent record which everyone should have in their record-collection. It has everything you want: catchy songs, tons of melodies, highly political lyrics and it comes with awsome layout too. Read all about it here >>>

I have vacation now so I will not update this page in a couple of weeks. See you later. Oh, if you're going to Augustibuller 6-7 of August (www.augustibuller.com), the best Swedish festival their is, you might see me there. If you're going there don't miss David Sandström's performance. It will be a blast! 

Nothing new about the Refused DVD but I guess it will not be out in August/September as said before. 
/// June 28 2004 :: 
OK, there's been some problems with the photosection >>> that I updated last week. The account I was using didn't work that good so I've now removed them and put them up again on another account and it works fine now. I've also removed all the photos by Vique Martin because some of them were just too personal to use there. I'll put up some of them later and there's also some other photos coming which is not scanned yet. 

There's some new, really nice, Refused merchandise (T-shirts, girlies, hoods and worker shirts) available! Go check them out on the merchandise-section >>>

I've updated the discography-section >>> with the new re-mastered re-releases and some other additional info. I've also added a promo/bootleg-section >>> and updated the compilations-page >>> with the new "Punk-o-rama Vol.9" - Refused contributes with "Liberation frequency". 

The new album "Armed love" with The (International) Noise Conspiracy is soon here and the first single "Black mask" was recently released. To celebrate this I've now added a section with all you need to know about these releases. >>>

...and last, but not least: the fanclub >>> has been updated as well as the archive-section >>>. I'm also working on the Refused related page. Maybe it will be ready til next time I'm updating this site. Take care.
/// June 20 2004 :: 
Finally; the photo-section is up! >>>

Coming up next; Updates of the "discography"- & the "Refused related"-section + info about the upcoming T(I)NC album. I guess the fanclub will be upated as well.

Also check out; The DVD Audio version of "The shape of punk to come". It's really something special. The sound is really great and there is some new stuff on it that's not on the original version. Burning Heart says it's going to be released in August. I don't know if this is the releasedate for Europe or the States. Maybe it's already out in the states? Anyway, I already have this one and I suggest that you should get it too ;) 

See you later. 
/// May 20 2004 :: 
Watch out! Because next week they'll drop the bombs! First target is Europe on monday the 24th and then the time has come for the US on tuesday the 25th. Of course I'm talking about the digitally remastered REFUSED albums "The shape of punk to come", "Songs to fan the flames of discontent" and the updated version of "The e.p. compilation" that will hit the stores! Order them online here >>>

Unfortunately the Refused DVD has been delayed again. New release date is set to August/September 2004. 

The (International) Noise Conspiracy has just started their European tour in Support of their upcoming album. See all tourdates on Burningheart.com >>>. The new album "Armed love" will be released on the 12th of July and the first single "Black mask" will be released on the 21st of June. I'll soon add a page with all you need to know about these releases. 

Out now is David Sandström's new album "The dominant need of the needy soul is to be needed". This album really rocks so you must go check it out! 

The fanclub has been updated as usual >>> and I've done some small changes here and there. 
/// April 13 2004 :: 
Hi again! I have updated the David sandström-page with some more info >>>
/// April 12 2004 :: 
I have added a page about the new David Sandström CD here >>> I have also added a page about the upcoming Refused re-releases which you will find here >>>

Since all information about this releases is on these pages there is no reason to write about them here. So use the links above or the banners on the main-page to get there. 

I can also tell you that due to some production-problems the Refused DVD has been delayed and pushed forward to the end of June. 

Coming up next is a bootleg/promo-section on the discography-page. 

But for now, this is it. Oh, I almost forgot, the fanclub has been updated as well! >>>
/// February 20 2004 :: 
Ok, here we go again. I've been e-mailing with both Dennis, David and Kristofer lately about what's going on and there's plenty of shit going on right now so here it comes: 

Dennis is right now in the studio recording an album for "The Lost Patrol Band" which is a "punkier" version of The Lost Patrol. As I told you before there were plans for a CDEP on Startracks but they decided to record an entire album instead. Which label who will release it is yet to be announced. I can also tell you that the new songs sounds really great live since I saw them play last weekend. Dennis and The (International) Noise Conspiracy will probably have their third album, entitled "Armed love", out in May/June. It will be released by Burning Heart Records in Europe and by American Recordings in the states. The (International) Noise Conspiracy is now a four-piece band since Sara Almgren has decided to leave the band. 

Kristofer is still working on the long awaited Refused DVD. It will probably be mastered and coded at end of March. It will include live performances, other highlights, interviews with the bandmembers and other stuff. Release date is yet to be announced. The documentary might be shown on Swedish television but please note that this is not at all confirmed yet. 

David have a new album in the works. He has also put up a homepage which he will update regularly every week with stuff until the record is finished. I'll put up a banner on this site when I get one. www.david-sandstrom.com

Other shit: The fanclub has been updated >>> Thanx! 
/// January 31 2004 :: 
Hey! It's 2004 and it's the 5th year I'm running this site! The support has been overwhelming so far and I hope you'll keep visiting the best Refused site there is this year as well. Ok, so what will happen during 2004 you might ask? Well, I know for sure that the best thing to look forward to is the release of the "Refused are fucking dead" DVD!

Other stuff hitting the market in 2004 is: "Songs to fan...",  "The e.p. compilation" and "The shape of punk to come" - all to be remastered and come out in nice digi-pack versions. There's also coming a new album by The (International) Noise Conspiracy, a CDEP with The Lost Patrol and probably a Jon F Kennedy record. 

What will happen on this site in 2004 then? Well, not too much since Refused are long gone. But I'll keep you updated about the upcoming Refused-releases (mentioned above) and news about the Refused related projects and the fanclub will be up and running as usual (and it has been updated today as well! >>>). Maybe I'll fix some of the pages that are not 100% ready and I'll promise to put up the pictures-section. Yes, I do! Thank you for visiting my site - it means alot to me. But, most important, it means that we'll never forget... - long live Refused!

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