/// November 24 – 2003 :: 

"Mark your calendars as we can confirm that the new DVD "REFUSED ARE FUCKING DEAD", including never before seen material and videos etc. will be released in spring 2004 after being slightly delayed! More news are soon to follow. 

Sound-geeks and freaks should also check out the bands crucial milestone album "The Shape Of Punk To Come" that will now has been re-mixed and re-mastered to be released on DVD Audio format in the beginning of 2004 on Epitaph (Northamerica only). On here you will find 5.1 surround re-mixes of the complete album!! Do we need to say it sounds brilliant and that the newly added material and twists will blow you away?!. The album will also have an European release on Burning Heart, later this spring, though some copies will probably be available before that from the Burning Heart Mailorder. 

This album is also to be released next year as a fine digi-pack version together with remastered versions of the albums "Song To Fan The Flames Of Discontent" and "The EP Compilation" (with tracklist changes made). Look out for more information and release dates on the website! These albums will be released by Epitaph in Northamerica, and by the bands motherlabel Burning Heart Records elsewhere. 

Before we leave you alone with your wet dreams, we also have to tell all game-freaks that Refused is included on the soundtrack for the new "Tony Hawk Underground" game with the song "Summerholidays vs Punkroutine". Other bands included are KISS, Jurassic 5, NOFX, In Flames, The Hellacopters, The Clash and more".

Burningheart.com, November 19th, 2003. (www.burningheart.com)

There's also a new hooded sweatshirt available with Refused on the Burning Heart Mailorder. It has the same design as the "Refused are fucking dead" t-shirts! 

- Webmaster. 
/// November 20 – 2003 :: 
There's been some rumours about the upcoming DVD/VHS. Yes, sad ones. It will probably be delayed and since I haven't checked this with the label I don't now for how long. I'll come back to this when I hear something new. Ok? 

There hasn't been much going on on this site since last time so the only updates I have is the following: the fanclub has been updated and some compilations has been added on the discography-page. One of these is the really nice Startracks label-compilation and it features the old classic Refused-song "Pump the brakes" from 1994. Oh, yes...
/// October 09 – 2003 :: 
Hey, sorry for the lack of updates. I know I've promised to put up the pictures-archive but since I don't have access to Internet at home it makes it hard. It's about 100 pictures that is coming up but I have to find a good option where to update all these files first...

Anyway, I have news about some of the Refused related projects; The new Lost Patrol (Dennis / solo) album "Songs about running away" will be released by Epitaph in the States 04-01-20 and you can now download one song from the upcoming album with Jon F Kennedy (Jon / solo) here >>>

The upcoming Refused DVD/VHS will probably be released in January 2004!!!

I've dones some small changes on some pages on this site and the fanclub has also been updated >>>
/// August 13 – 2003 :: 
Ok, here we go again. I have added a page with all you need to know about the 93 Million Miles CDEP that is being released September 2. I won't bore you with any details now since you can find it all here >>>

Site updates: The fanclub and the compilation-page has been updated...

I don't know if you have noticed but my counter no longer shows the visitor-stats since the company (TheCounter.com) thinks that I should pay for that kind of service. Well, fuck off! I won't fuckin' pay you for something like that! (But I'm gonna get a new one soon). See you.
/// July 25 – 2003 :: 
I did it again! All the information I gave you yesterday was not true. I said that the new live-record with T(I)NC would be released in  "a couple of weeks", well it's already out so you should check it out here >>> and make your order today! Sorry for giving you wrong information (again). 

I also added the "Too late for apologies" 7"-inch with Final Exit (David & Dennis) on the related band-section >>>. I've listened to Final Exit for many years and they sure were on of the best Swedish hardcore-bands when they were around. But what I never knew was that they had released a 7". Now I know, now you know (In case you didn't before) so go check it out! It's released by Third X Party Records in the USA by the way...
/// July 24 – 2003 :: 
Well, the information I gave you last time about the 93 Million Miles From The Sun (Dennis & Jon of Refused) were not all true, it’s not at all released yet. It will hit the stores first on the 2:nd of September, so I’m sorry I told you wrong. Anyway, I can promise that you won’t be disappointed about the outcome. More news, albumcover, tracklist, where to get it etc etc will be posted here soon... 

Another thing to really look forward to is the upcoming live-record with T(I)NC. It’s recorded last summer from their performance on Oslo Jazz Festival with special guest appearances from Jonas Kullhammar (saxophone) and Sven Erik Dahlberg (piano). This masterpiece will be released by the small D.I.Y label Moserobie (www.moserobie.com) in a couple of weeks. 

Other stuff: Make sure to check out this link >>>, because there you’ll find no less than 7 songs by The Lost Patrol that was meant to be on a album that never came out! I have updated the fanclub >>>, the tab-section >>> and, I know, I really have to put up the picture-archive. Soon. 
/// July 09 – 2003 :: 
The single for the song "Alright" from The Lost Patrol's latest album has finally been released. Read more about it here >>>

I have also added wallpaper that you can download from the archive-section >>>

Other news is that Simba Recordings (www.simbarecordings.com) has released a CDEP with 93 Million Miles From The Sun (Dennis & Jon of Refused). This single contains the songs that are featured on the "...and counting 7" and two songs that are featured on the "Love is a dog from hell"-compilation orginially released in 97/98. Stay tuned for more info about this...

I have updated the compilation-page with "Punk-o-rama vol.8", Refused's contribution is "Coup d' état" >>> Coming up next on this site is problably the picture-archive + I have to update the fanclub again...
/// June 16 – 2003 :: 
There’s plenty of shit to read this time. First off, I would like to thank all my visitors since I now have reached over 100.000 visitors since the start and I must say I’m really proud and really happy about it. So, thank you!

As you probably have noticed the new The Lost Patrol-album is out now. There’s also gonna be a single released for the song “Alright” from the album. And as that wouldn’t be enough there are also plans for a CDEP to be released on Startracks after the summer, which Dennis describes a release that is “more punk” than previous releases. 

“Jon F Kennedy” is the name of the solo-project of Jon Brännström, which will release his debut album on Planekonomi this upcoming autumn. www.planekonomi.com

The upcoming Refused-documentary will probably be released by Burning Heart in September. This DVD is something we’re all looking forward to see and it sure will turn out great. www.burningheart.com.

Anyway, I’ve also managed to update the fanclub, the interview-page and fixed some part of a tab that was not correct. That’s all for now. See you.

Oh, and here’s some info from my friend at www.theblastoff.tk:
Rick Rubin will be producing the next T(I)NC-record! The band is currently writing songs and will leave home for Los Angeles in August to record. The record will be released on American Recordings and will hopefully come out at the end of the year. Sara will be playing guitar in Marit Bergmans touring band this summer. 

Ok, now I’m finished. 
/// May 19 – 2003 :: 
I've added a page about the new and upcoming Lost Patrol-album "Songs about running away" which will be released by Burning Heart Records on the 2:nd of June. This is the follow up of Dennis debut "Songs in the key of resistance" released in 1999. For more info about The Lost Patrol, albumcover and tracklisting, please visit the link that follows: >>>
/// May 12 – 2003 :: 
Well, for the very first time I can now introduce tabs on the site. There is this guy named Max Thulin (– the tabmaster) who has delivered me 14 tabs that you can find on the tab-section. The best thing is that there is tons of more coming! Thank you Max, it was on time since I never have had any and since there is always many people asking for it! I also wanna thank and at the same time apologize, Andrew Hirst, for putting a lot of hard work on tabbing songs for me, which I decided to never use because the decision to go on with Max instead. So, thank you and I’m truly sorry! 

Download the song “Going going gone” from the forthcoming Lost Patrol-album “Songs about running away” >>>
/// April 27 – 2003 :: 
I know, I know, it's been a while. But now I'm back and as you can see I have a new fresh layout for this site since I got tired of the old one. Well, that is not the biggest change I've managed to do. Take a look around on the different sections and you'll soon make notice that there's tons of new information. I've added some new sections as well but to this date there's still some sections that is under construction. One of the biggest news is that the "HANDBOOK FOR REVOLUTIONARIES, PART 1" is finally available! >>>

Other good news is that Dennis Lyxzén will release his second full-length album with his soloproject THE LOST PATROL. It's called "Songs about running away" and will be released on Burning Heart Records in June. Jon F Brännström is also working on a solorecord that will be released one a new label called Planekonomi. More info about that when I know more.

THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY is working on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album "A new morning, changing weather" (2001). This will be their third full-length and sure will leave no one disappointed. Kristofer Steen is still working on the upcoming Refused-documentary and he still needs photos and filmed material. I hope I have some more information to give you about the documentary soon. Ok, now take a look around, there's alot of new stuff to see...

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