/// December 24 – 2002 :: 
Hey, on top of this page you’ll find a banner that will lead you to the greatest THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY homepage on the net! A Swedish guy named Niklas makes it and he’s a really nice guy. Please visit his site, there you’ll find everything you would like to know about this band. Very informative! I’m right now working on a new layout for this site since I’m pretty tired of this one. I hope it will turn out great anyway. Talk to you later...
/// December 03 – 2002 ::
Hey, it’s been a while. There hasn’t been much done on this site for a long long time now. I’m gonna update the fanclub soon and then also continue the work with “Handbook for revolutionaries, part 1” which I’ve laid behind me for a while. It’s not that much left to do so, probably, I’ll have it up soon. What more can I say? Well, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY have recently released their new MCD “Bigger cages, longer chains” on Burning heart / Epitaph. There’s also a brand new live-album released by Your Choice Records and Cargo. It’s called “Your choice live series” and is a limited edition record in 4000 copies (3000 on CD, 1000 on LP). Get this fast, cause they will not last long! Please go to the T(I)NC discography-page for more information! Speaking about T(I)NC, they have unfortunately been forced to cancel their UK-tour due to some serious back problems for singer Dennis Lyxzén. Read more about this on www.burningheart.com.
/// September 18 – 2002 :: 
MESSAGE FROM KRISTOFER STEEN: An official Refused documentary is being made. Livefootage, photos, anecdotes or anything even vaguely connected to Refused is desperately needed. Please let me know if you have anything connected to Refused. My main foucs is on stuff shot or taped -97 and -98. But feel free to pester me with stories, critique, comments or anything else you could think of. Thanks. / Kristofer Steen styltis@hotmail.com. If you have anything you think he would like to use please get in touch with him by the e-mail adress above! This is your chance to make this documentary as good as possible! And now to something different; I'm still working on the Handbook for Revolutionaries to be finished... and it's gonna take some time. please let me know if you have some material saved on your computer. Thanx.
/// August 23 – 2002 :: 
This autumn will set the release for  a new THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY mini-album called “Bigger cages, longer chains” including the track with the same name from the critically acclaimed album “A new morning, changing weather”. It will also include 4 new previously unreleased songs and a cover of a N.E.R.D's song. More news about that later. I’m still working with the HANDBOOK FOR REVOLUTIONARIES and there’s still alot to do. If you have any material from HFR saved on your computer please mail it to me so I can add it as soon as possible. Thank you and goodbye.
/// July 23 – 2002 :: 
Breaking news; I have the opportunity to re-publicate the fanzine HANDBOOK FOR REVOLUTIONARIES Part 1 on the net! And for those who are not familiar with this fanzine here follows some information; “HFR, part 1" is a fanzine written and compiled by the members of Refused. It was published orginally in April '96 as a 36-page pamphlet printed in b/w and is now out of print. The "HFR, part 1" was also published on the Internet on a server that later went down. What you soon are about to see is the second version on the net, and the only version currently available. It's the same contens as in the first one, but with some bonus material and with a totally different artwork. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Dennis for letting me do this!
/// June 17 – 2002 :: 
Hello punkers, THE (INT). NOISE CONSPIRACY is touring like hell this summer. It’s mostly festival-gigs so make sure to see them on the festival you’re going to this summer. Here’s the tourschedule. Burning Heart Records will also re-release their single-collection “The first conspiracy” for the first time in Europe. If you don’t have this masterpiece you should check it out! I have big project for the site going on right now but I won’t tell you about that now. It will be a surprise so that you have something to look forward to! And, finally, I’ve added an extensive piece of work about Refused that I’ve done in school and I recommend everyone to check it out here! It’s only in Swedish however. Ok, see you.
/// April 29 - 2002 :: 
This site is finally back on the net again, I hope you’ve missed it! Anyway, it has a new url so add your bookmarks. There’s still some pictures and stuff that are not working so please try to ignore that… and finally a little tip; Check out this very good T(I)NC-page. That’s it!
/// April 03 - 2002 :: 
Public anounncement: This site is temporarily down due to some technical problems with angelfire. I'm working on moving this site to another server. This site will be back as soon as possible.
/// March 31 – 2002 :: 
Yes, finally an update of the fanclub! There’s now over 400 people showing that they are still supportive fans of REFUSED and for all you others, the time is now to join! Speaking about the fanclub, I’ve also made an interview with Stephanie Anderson from California which is the first interview in the series of interviews I'm gonna do with people in the fanclub. The questions will always be the same so as to get different views from different people. I think this will be very interesting and I hope you’ll think so as well. Also check out the tons of pictures I’ve added from T(I)NC’s gig in Avesta, Sweden 2/6-02… that’s all for now, talk to you later…
/// March 22 – 2002 :: 
Well, some of the information I gave you about the seven-inches were wrong. It was kind of a misunderstanding from my side because when I found these releases on two different mailorders one of them called it “T(I)NC – Up for sale 7” and the other one called it “T(I)NC / WHITE SEEDS – Split 7”, but they’re actually the same. The single only contains the song “Up for sale” by T(I)NC and also one song each by WHITE SEEDS and GRAMMAR SCHOOL BUS. So, it’s a split with three bands doing one song each. It’s only released in 300 copies so make sure to lay your hands on that one! Released by Dolores Records for the Dolores single club. Also coming soon from T(I)NC is a UK only vinyl 7" on Must Destroy Records, featuring "Up For Sale" and "Survival Sickness". Oh, what a mess... if there’s something not clear please send me a mail. There’s also coming a CD-single for  “Up for sale” that will be released by Burning Heart Records on the 25th of March, which will contain two previously unreleased tracks. More info can be found here
/// March 20 – 2002 :: 
There’s finally something new on the REFUSED front… well, actually on the merchandise front, but anyway. The Burning heart mailorder have added a new t-shirt design in two different colours. Go visit their online mailorder to view the new shirts and of course make sure to make your order! Well, there’s also some news about THE (INT.) NOISE CONSPIRACY: they’ve released two new seven-inches on two different labels. I don’t know much about these releases and I don’t know which labels that have released them. Anyway, one of them are a split with WHITE SEEDS and the other one is single for “Up for sale” from their latest album also including two previously unreleased tracks. I’m gonna tell you more as soon as I know. That’s all for now.
/// February 24 – 2002 :: 
I’ve added a whole new page on the site. It’s an entire page about the political fanzine HANDBOOK FOR REVOLUTIONARIES written and compiled by the members of Refused. The first issue of this is sold out but there are still many copies left of the second issue and it can be ordered through this page. So, don’t miss this chance, because when they’re sold out they never gonna be re-pressed again. You’ll find this page on the menu. Go there and read more if you’re interested. Coming up next is tons of pictures from THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY’s gig in Avesta, Sweden the 6th of February. I’m also working on updating the fanclub. So, check back later…
/// February 15 – 2002 :: 
I’ve had the opportunity to see The (International) Noise Conspiracy and I also had the opportunity to meet the band. The result of this is an interview with Dennis and Lars that I’m proud to present on the site. Unfortunately it’s only in Swedish, but that’s the way it is. I might translate it sometime but right now there’s no time. But for all you others I can tell you that I will add tons of pictures from the interview and the gig! Among that I’ve also updated the compilation-page with more comps and pictures. I’ve counted Refused appearances on different compilations to over 30, which is very well done! What is left to say?... Refused were the best!
/// January 12 – 2002 :: 
Finally an update. There’s now a new year and there’s new goals to reach. This is the 4th year I’m running this site and I’m really satisfied with the response and the numbers of visitors I’ve had through the years. I’m gonna continue to glorify the best band ever I hope you’ll do the same. There’s not so much new to read right now but I can tell you some of the plans I have for the site. A new site is in the works and will only concentrate on the (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY to contribute this site with even more information. I’m also thinking of starting to interview a whole bunch of members in the fanclub to get their views on REFUSED. Last but no least, don't miss the (INT.) NOISE CONSPIRACY touring Scandinavia. See tourdates.

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