/// October 30 - 2001 :: 
Well, there’s a lot to read this time… hope you don’t mind. First I just wanna remind everyone that the new INC-album is out now, the single and the video for “Capitalism stole my virginity” as well. The INC will soon hit the streets to tour USA and Canada with the support of THE HIVES. Don’t miss them, they’re both known as being very good live-acts. The fanclub has finally been updated again and there are now about 340 members! Yeah… and I’m also proud to present “Monster” – a musical essay written by Cristopher Herrick who's also a member of the fanclub. Please, check it out – it’s a really nice work with some inspiration of Refused. I’ve also added another interview with Dennis Lyxzén that can be found on the link-section. Another reminder is to check out the DVD-compilation “Hang the VJ” that is now available, it contains all videos ever made by Refused + two videos by The INC. I guess that was all for now. Thanx and Goodbye.
/// September 14 - 2001 :: 
I’ve added more info about the forthcoming single “Capitalism stole my virginity” by THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY. Click on the banner above to view album-cover and track-listing. The single will be released on the 1:st of October by Burning Heart in europe and on the 30:rd of October by G7 Welcoming Committee in the States. You can download two songs from the single on the Burning Heart-site.
/// August 27 - 2001 :: 
October will set the release for the DVD-compilation HANG THE VJ to be released by Burning Heart. This compilation will contain all the Burning Heart-videos ever shooted! REFUSED-videos: “New Noise”, “Rather be dead”, “Pump the brakes” and, believe it or not, “Hate breeds hate” (!) yeah, it’s true… I didn’t even know that there was a video for that one! Anyway, THE (INT.) NOISE CONSPIRACY will as well contribute on the compilation with the videos for “The reproduction of death” and “Smash it up”. And some site-updates: I’ve added some related band-links on the link-section, I’ve also added some info about the latest albums by T(I)NC and DAVID SANDSTRÖM on the related bands-section. That’s all for now.
/// August 11 - 2001 :: 
I’ve added more info about the new THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY-album titled “A New Morning; Changing Weather”, click on the banner on the top of this page and you’ll see tracklisting and album-cover. It´s now confirmed that THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY will support MANIC STREET PREACHERS on their scandinavian dates:  1/10 Helsingfors - Old Ice Hall - FI / 3/10 Stockholm - Cirkus - S / 4/10 Göteborg - Trädgårn - S / 5/10 Köpenhamn - Grey Hall – DK. Anyway, the album will be released on the 15:th of October by Burning Heart Records and by Epitaph in the states on the 23:rd of October.
/// July 25 - 2001 :: 
The new THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY album is finally finished and here follows the tracklisting: 1. A Northwest passage 2. Up for sale 3. Bigger cages, longer chains 4. Breakout 2001 5. A body treatise 6. Born into a mess 7. New empire blues 8. Capitalism stole my virginity 9. Last century promise 10. Dead language of love 11. A new morning, changing weather. There will also be a single-release of the song “Capitalism stole my virginity” which also includes the b-sides "Ever felt cheated?” and "United by haircuts”. And there’s been some updates on the site as well; I’ve added the cover + more info about the “H.F.R part # 2” and I’ve also added the cover of the “Can’t stop this train compilation” on the discography-section. A new guestbook is finally up and running so make sure to sign it!
/// July 12 - 2001 :: 
Some news from Burning Heart: THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY are currently in the studio mixing the new album; recently recorded in cooperation with Pelle from Fireside and Jari from Bear Quartet. The Conspiracy dances to a slightly different beat this time around. The production is larger. The intensity is intact. Most notably, the songwriting has improved. The album will not disappoint anyone who enjoyed "Survival Sickness". There are plans for a single/video in September, followed by the album in October. During the fall T(I)NC will be touring both Europe and North-America. Scandinavia will get it's fair share as well. There's been discussions with bigger and smaller acts for support - at least it looks like the heavenly heavy rocking DIVISION OF LAURA LEE will be on for some parts of the European tour. Also note that  The mailinglist are is closed because some problems with yahoo.com, I'm looking for a better option where to run the mailinglist now and hope to open it again as soon as possible.
/// June 05 - 2001 :: 
Wanna get a copy of the Refused-fanzine “Handbook For Revolutionaries Part # 2”? Well, just click the banner on the mainpage and you’ll see the prices and stuff. It’s a limited edition of copies left so make sure to order a copy! Also a little reminder that you now can download the whole song “När hjärtat svider” from David Sandströms new album! And last but not least; don’t forget to say hello to the new members in the fanclub!
/// May 20 - 2001 :: 
David Sandströms album “Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag” is finally out! Download the song “När hjärtat svider” from the album to see what it’s all about. Just go to the main-page and click on the banner and you’ll get there! And finally; the new and improved fanclub is back on the net as I promised. Go to the fanclub-page to see if your name is in there - if it’s not the time is now to join!
/// May 05 - 2001 :: 
The new related bands-section is finally up again. It’s a page that contains biographies and discographies by all the bands that you can relate to Refused. Bands in which members of Refused played before, beside or after the time in Refused. Go to the related bands-section to find out more!
/// April 20 - 2001 :: 
I’ve added some info about David Sandströms upcoming solo-album, just click on the banner on the main-page. The related bands-page is soon finished and I will update it when it’s ready. Another page that soon is coming up is the fanclub, now with over 250 members from over 20 different countries! Thanx to all of you, when I started the fanclub I never thought that it would be this good. Well, coming soon anyway… now we all should concentrate on David Sandströms upcoming album...
/// April 13 - 2001 :: 
David Sandström is going to release a solo-album that probably will be out in May this summer. It will be released by Demonbox Recordings - same label that released the Text-album. The title is "Om det inte händer något innan imorgon så kommer jag", it's Swedish and it means "If there's nothing happening before tomorrow then I'll come". More info about the release to be posted here soon...
/// April 11 - 2001 :: 
The new link-page is up and running, it's almost the same as before, but I've removed all the dead links and added a few new. The interview-page has been removed from the site as you migh have noticed, but you'll now find all the interviews that was featured on the interview-page on the new link-page. I'm soon going to update the fanclub also, but there's about 130 members in my inbox that I haven't added to the list yet, so I guess it can take a while... but it will soon be up and running again! ok, that's it...
/// April 03 - 2001 :: 
The shape of page to come is back! Oh yes... believe it or not! I will apologize for not updating the site for a very long time now, but I haven't had any inspiration at all to do it... but well, to be honest I must say that there's not so much to update by a band that's been dead since 1998. But I thought that maybe I could tell you some... there's been a swedish movie at the moviescreens called "Jalla Jalla" in which there were four refused-songs in! oh yes... and there's been rumours that Marilyn Manson bought all the Refused-records he could lay his hands on when he last visited Sweden, well here we talking.... anyway, hope you'll like the new site but it's not all finished yet, so be sure to come back here later...

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