/// November 13 - 2000 :: 
The mainpage and the fanclub has been updated. Anyway, this site will probably be removed to a new server soon, but I will tell you more about this when I know. So, I guess that's all I can offer you right now, but be sure to come back for more news soon.
/// October 09 - 2000 :: 
Hello! The numbers of members in the fanclub has now reached over 100 and I would really like to thank everybody for being a part of it. It means alot to me, and I'm very happy there's such a big interest. And besides that there's also been some updating; the pictures-section has been updated with some live-pictures of THE LOST PATROL taken by Lars Larsson at a gig in Borlänge, Sweden, winter 2000. Very special thanx to Lars for letting me use his pictures and also for being such an good friend of mine! Anyway, speaking about Lost Patrol; there will probably be a new album out this winter. Ok, see u out there... Bye bye... / webmaster
/// October 01 - 2000 :: 
Yes I know, this site hasn't been updated in two months so I want to apologize for that. Well, I am at least updating it now and there's pretty much news so here we go: The related-bands section is finally ready, it's a page with all the refused-related projects during the years as well as new projects and it contains information, discographies and biographies of (almost) all the bands. I've also added some live-pictures on The (International) Noise Conspiracy to be found at the pictures-section. The photos are taken from a gig they did in Borlänge (Sweden) this summer and the name of the photographer is Johan Hanses - thank you very much! If anyone else have any pictures of Refused or any of the refused-related bands then feel free to send them to me. I've also updated the links-section with a new link to a Polish Refused-site (!) check it out! And last but not least; There's been rumours that Refused were supposed to play a gig at the Punk-festival in Umeå but when I asked Dennis about it he said: "No, Refused are dead...". So I think we have to accept that.
/// August 21 - 2000 :: 
Hello punkrockers! Some things have been going on since last time. First off: The TEXT-collective (David, Jon & Kristofer) have released a single of the song "Sound is compressed" from the album entitled "Text". It's available from Birdnest mailorder for only 20 SEK, we're talking cheap stuff here! And not to forget: The Facer (David) has released a single of the song "La la la (can't help it)" from the brilliant album "Finalexit (dissociate / expose yourself)", buy it whatever it might cost, you won't be disappointed and that's a promise! Well, I don't have any pictures on the singles yet, but I will add them as soon as possible. Ok, and as usual there's been many new members in the fanclub and I've been thinking about to maybe organize a little contest within the club. Maybe. Maybe not.
/// August 06 - 2000 :: 
More fans in the fanclub. That's all. Good bye.
/// July 10 - 2000 :: 
I met David Sandström at a gig with The Facer a few days ago. And do you know what? He promised me an interview, yes it's true! I will probably do the interview at the end of the summer when I'm going tio visit the city where he lives, so hold on now and please have patient! I can hardly wait...
Also: many new members in the fanclub! Thanks to everyone!
/// June 29 - 2000 :: 
The fanclub is finally up and running, go make shure your name is on that list! And besides that there's been alot of updates; I've added 2 new bandpictures and 1 new interview. The related releases -section (see: "the discography" on the menu) has also been updated with the latest releases of Text, The (International) Noise Conspiracy and The Facer. The link-section as well as the contact-section have also been updated. Ok, I think that was it, see you out there and til' next time; Bye, bye. 
/// June 22 - 2000 :: 
A new masterpiece by The (International) Noise Conspiracy has finally hit the streets! It's a CD-single of the song "Smash it up" from the album "Survival Sickness". This is a must have for all the fans out there, but I have to say that I'm very disapointed that it wasn't released as a 7"-inch - save the vinyls! Released by Burning Heart Records as BHR 118.

...and the songs are as follows: 
01: Smash it up / 02: Inner city rejects / 03: Sleeping pills /

Also: All the swedish bastards that are using skunk.nu can now visit me there. My username is the_new_beat. See you there!

NOTE: There might not happen so much on this site this summer, of course this news-section will be regurarly updated with all the latest news but the other pages will probably not be updated.
/// June 15 - 2000 :: 
A new section can be found on the menu. It's called "the webmaster" and it's about me, how I become a punkrocker and how I become webmaster. This is your chance to make you know me better.
/// June 08 - 2000 :: 
And as if Text wasn't enough David Sandström is also an active member of the Swedish rock-band The Facer that are now releasing their second (first one with David, by the way) full-length album "Final exit (dissociate / expose yourself)". It was released by the Swedish label Stockholm Records yesterday (June 07) and I can promise that it will rock, so watch out!

...and the songs are as follows: 
01: Show me having fun / 02: Connection / 03: Won't take it back / 04: Onetrack mind / 05: Mind your own / 06: Lalala (can't help it) / 07: Arrest me / 08: Motherless child / 09: Hell, I'm OK / 10: Goodbye now /
/// June 02 - 2000 :: 
Well, it has been a while since last time and the only explaination why is that I'm as human as you are. I also have other things to do than running this site, so... Anyway, the interview-section has been updated as well as the link-section and I guess that's it. Many people have asked for the tab-section to be finished but the fact is that I haven't even started working at that one yet, so to all of you: Go to the link-section and check out all the Refused-links there because some of them have alot of tabs. Ok?
/// May 22 - 2000 :: 
Today is the day, folks! I'm talking about the long awaited TEXT-album that has been released today. I haven't seen it in any record-stores, mailorders or distros so far, nor have I heard it yet. Anyway, it's supposed to be out now, so I guess we have to believe so. If there's someone that is almost dying to hear it I can ease the pain a bit by telling you that the whole album can be downloaded at TEXT's homepage! Of course anyone cool enough will buy the album too, wont you? Of course you will...
/// May 20 - 2000 :: 
We're back! Yes, it's true and I'm proud to present this new shape of page to come. So what's new you might ask, well as you probably have noticed by reading this you can see that the look of this site is another. Well, this is of course not the most important thing that has happened, I would say the most important thing is that this site has developed more in the informative way. Anyway, there's still some pages that are not ready by now, but I'm working on this and I hope to make this site complete as soon as possible.

Another great news is that TEXT's(David, Jon, Kristofer) new album "s/t" will soon hit the streets. It will be released by Demonbox / Desperate fight 00-05-22. It looks like this:

...and the songs are as follows: 
01: Requiem for Ernst-Hugo (1928Ė1998) / 02: Sound is compressed; words rebel and hiss / 03: Collages désertes, 1ère tableau: Du sable / 04: Ė We have explosives! Ė Schmexplosives? / 05: Those kids are gone / 06: Collages désertes, 2ème tableau: Du soleil / 07: The Huntsville Treaty / 08: Collages désertes, 3ème Tableau: Du chemin /

For more information visit Demonbox or TEXT's website.

NOTE: Everyone that has joined the fanclub before 00-05-19 have to subscribe again. All the entries have disappeared leaving no trace. Read more here >>>
/// Latest update: 00.04.28 :: 
Refused are fucking dead - and so is this site... Well, actually it's not, but it has been removed from the net for a while. I'm working on updating the whole site, and it's a whole lot of pages, so I really don't know when we're gonna be back in business again. And while you're waiting, you can still visit the NEWS-section that will be regurarly updated with the latest news. Ok, I hope to be back as soon as possible... / webmaster 

Also: The release-date of the TEXT-album has been delayed again. New release-date is: 00.05.22. 
/// Latest update: 00.04.20 :: 
David Sandstrom has joined the Swedish rock-band THE FACER, he will play the drums for them since their old drummer Peter has left the band. With the single "King of expection" and the full-length album "Go for the show" behind them they are soon releasing their second full-length album and are going to tour this summer. More info to come...
/// Latest update: 00.04.17 :: 
Hi! I've decided to open a fanclub-section since I thought that it might be a fun thing for us fans between. It will be a list of all the members including their e-mail-adresses so that you can get in touch with them and share your opinions and thoughts to like-minded or just to talk plain shit. You're also doing this just to show that you have interest of what once was and that you're still a supportive fan of the band.

Follow the instructions that follows if you're interested:

Send a e-mail to the_new_beat@yahoo.com with "Fanclub" as the subject and tell me your complete name and from which country you are from.

Ex: Micke Persson

Ok, very simple. If as many as possible is supporting this, it could be very fun, but if not, there's no point doing this at all. It's your decision and it's all up to you if you wan't this to work out fine.


/ Micke Persson
the shape of page to come.
/// Latest update: 00.04.10 :: 
Hi! Wanna read some words by TEXT? Click on the picture (Only in Swedish):

By the way, the release of the new TEXT-album has been moved to week 19.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy-album "SURVIVAL SICKNESS" CD/LP is out now on Burning Heart Records!!!
Find out info and Tracklisting here: www.angelfire.com/punk/refused/incsick.htm. You can also download some songs from the album and watch the video of the song "Smash it up" here: www.burningheart.com

T.(I).N.C. are doing the Burning Heart-tour "SMASH IT UP" together with THE HIVES and MONSTER.
...and the tourdates are as follows:

13.04 Skellefteå Ė E4:an. / 14.04 Östersund - Tingshuset. / 15.04 Örnsköldsvik - Musikhuset. / 16.04 Lindesberg Ė Musikhuset. / 19.04 Linköping - Skylten. / 20.04 Kungsbacka - Kings-ton. / 21.04 Uppsala - Grand. / 22.04 Västerås - Kyrkgårdsbacken. / 23.04 Lund - Mejeriet. 24.04 Stockholm Ė Medborgarhuset. / 28.04 Örebro Ė Contan. / 26.05 Köln - Underground. / 27.05 Tilburg - 013. / 28.05 Bruxelles - VK. / 29.05 Paris - TBA. / 30.05 Bordeaux - Le Jimmy. / 31.05 Montpellier - Rockstore. / 01.06 Madrid - Sala caracol. / 02.06 Bilbao - Bilborock. / 03.06 Barcelona - Garage / 04.06 Marseille - TBC. / 05.06 Milano - Biella Babylonia. / 06.06 Wil - Remise. / 07.06 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof. / 08.06 Hamburg - Molotow. / 09.06 Berlin - Knaack. / 10.06 Copenhagen - Stengade.

For further information about T.(I).N.C. go to: www.burningheart.com

Also: Check out a Refused-interview with Dennis here.

That's it! / Webmaster
/// Latest update: 00.03.22 :: 
Hello! I've added the lyrics of the s/t Lost Patrol-7" on the Lost Patrol-section. Go there. Today this site has been active for 1 year and it's been a very good year, so therfore I wanna thank all my visitors, the mailinglist and everyone who has been supportive in any way. Thanx!

Releases to come in April:

T.(I).N.C - "Survival Sickness" (Out 00.04.10)
(Burning heart records)

TEXT - ???  (Out 00.04.24)
(Desperate fight records)

One song from the TEXT-album will also appear on the 9:th volume of the classic Swedish low-price-punk-compilation DEFINITIVT FEMTIO SPANN to be released by RABB RECORDS in May!

/// Webmaster
/// Latest update: 00.03.17 :: 
Nothing new here really, except for the fact that the main-page has a new look again.
/// Latest update: 00.03.12 :: 
My meeting with Dennis Lyxzén.

Itís so typical when thereís at last is coming a good band near me that I want to see, theyíre always playing at a pub or something. Itís not that I donít like pubís, but I really donít like stupid age limits, itís really bothering me because Iím only 17. I guess you can see my problem now. Well, as you might have noticed The Lost Patrol is touring Sweden right now and as they were visiting Bolanche in Borlange this weekend I couldnít see them live (Öand I guess you know why. Yes! Age limit.), but I did have the honor to meet Dennis for an interview insteadÖ

When I first arrived to Borlange I was pretty nervous because I couldnít reach Dennis on the phone so I didnít really know how to find him. When I found him at last (with a little help of a receptionist at Bolanche), he and Stefan Granberg (from Randy) were on stage doing a little soundcheck. So, at least I had the chance to see them live once as they were performing the song ďPlaying the extraĒ. Then I introduced myself to Dennis and while he was eating his Pizza I was preparing my interview. Well, I had now solved one of my problems; I had found Dennis, but now there was another problem left; My recorder wasnít working as it should and as the air was getting hotter, I was getting more nervous for every minute to come. The time was now for the interview and I had to explain for Dennis that there was a little problem and that I couldnít do this interview. But then Dennis friend had a recorder that I could borrow and things started to look better. So, finally I did the interview and everything seemed to work out fine. But something was wrong, I could feel it, and later it turned out that the interview never got recorded. It was quite embarrassing and I canít really say that I was feeling like a professional journalist at this time and I guess that I never will be that either, I guess we all now that by now. So there wonít be any interview. Sorry! Well as I said, Iím not a great journalist but instead Iím a pretty good webmaster and I will continue to do those things that Iím good at, and that is what Iím doing right here and right now. I can however tell you that I had a very great time and I really did have the honor to meet Dennis in personal. It was a real experience for me and therefore Iím really satisfied with this weekend. Iím outÖ

Thank you for reading this.

Love / Micke
/// Latest update: 00.02.28 :: 
Hello everybody!

I have been busy doing another site so there's been very less of updates the latest month. But now I'm back in business again and I am bringing you  a new site to The Shape Of Page-family: THE LOST PATROL! Check it out! But, Hey! Hold on here a minute, there's lots of news to read...

Click to enter...

Don't miss THE LOST PATROL on tour:

17-feb Östersund - Musikhuset / 18-feb Sandviken - Kungen / 19-feb Lindesberg - ELD / 23-feb Lund - Smålands / 24-feb Gislaved - TBA / 25-feb Linköping - Skylten / 26-feb Ängelholm - Gottwalds / 27-feb Göteborg - Jord / 28-feb Oslo - So What café / 29-feb Oslo - So Whatcafé / 01-mar Kungsbacka - Kings-ton / 02-mar Trollhättan - MF Tor / 03-mar Borås - Rockborgen / 04-mar Hässleholm - Perrong 23 05-mar Växjö - Stina / 06-mar Söderköping - TBA / 07-mar Stockholm - Kafé 44 / 08-mar Oskarshamn - Roque Club / 09-mar Uppsala - Kalmar Nation 10-mar Borlänge - Bolanche / 11-mar Uppsala - Metro / 12-mar Hudiksvall - TBC

The new THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY-album will be released by Burning Heart on April 10:th. It's called "Survival Sickness" and the songs are as follows: 1. I wanna know about u 2. The subversive sound 3. Smash it up 4. (I've got) Survival sickness 5. The reproduction of death 6. Impostor costume 7. Only lovers left alive 8. Do I have to spell it out? 9. Will it ever be quiet? 10. Enslavement blues 11. Ready steady go!

Click for info...

Also: Check out ThrottleBox.com. They hosts an ever-increasing collection of downloadable music, movies, cartoons and more. Here you can listen to NEW NOISE and see the video. You'll also find biography, photos, album-updates and more! Go to the Refused-section!

I have also added the fourth volume of V/A Cheap Shots on the Compilation-section. Refused is playing "New Noise" and The (International) Noise Conspiracy contribute's with "Smash it up" (Previously unreleased). You can also download a MP3 of "Smash it up" at BurningHeart.com.

Hmm...I'm guess that was all I had this time. Some of the News might not be that new for a few, but maybe for someone!? I don't know? Maybe. Have a nice Day!

Love / Webmaster
/// Latest update: 00.01.25 :: 
Hello, I have added the lyrics of the refused-song "Nothing new again" from the "I can't stop this train"-compilation (Join the team player records). This is probably one of the latest songs Refused recorded and is only available on this compilation. Go to the lyrics-section, and then go further to comp-lyrics to see what it's all about. And by the way, there might not be any updates for a while, because I'm busy doing another site right now...

A big thanx goes out to Claudia Fasold for copying me the song and sending it all the long way from Germany, thank you!

/ Webmaster
/// Latest update: 00.01.09 :: 

The shape of page to come proudly presents:
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - the conspiracy site!

Click to enter...

Also: The main-page has been updated as you might have seen already...
/// Latest update: 00.01.05 :: 
Hello! I have now added the early demo-recordings on the discography-page, you can also find the demo-lyrics on the lyrics-section. 
/// Latest update: 00.01.01 :: 
Hi! The Refused-related-page is finally up. I'm  giving you the complete discography's with THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, THE LOST PATROL, FAINT SOUNDS OF SHOVELED EARTH, 93 MILLION MILES FROM THE SUN and all the other bands where refused-members appears! Check it out! I also added a new bandpic here.

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