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Hello again! Because many people have asked for refused-tabs, I have decided to put up a new page filled with lots of tabs! Enjoy... Go there!
/// Latest update: 99.12.21 :: 
Hi! The new biography is finally up! Check it out! I have also added some official biography's on the biography-section...
/// Latest update: 99.12.12 :: 
Hello! I have found 2 great interviews, one with Kristofer Steen and one with Dennis Lyxzén. Check them out!

Also: Don't forget to buy the new LOST PATROL-album available online at Sound pollution and House of Kicks. For more info about the release visit: STARTRACKS.
/// Latest update: 99.11.30 :: 
This site has moved. Say good bye to Geocities and welcome to angelfire! And yes, It has a new look again...

Soon to be available: A refused related-page, which will include discography of THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY (Dennis), LOST PATROL (Dennis), FAINT SOUNDS OF SHOVELED EARTH (David) and more...

Also: A new mailinglist-section is open now! Join!
/// Latest update: 99.11.28 :: 
Hi! Don't miss the LOST PATROL (Dennis goes solo) - CD-album, to be released by STARTRACKS this week!

1. Thoughts on Fire 2. In the Key of Resistance 3. Playing the Extra 4. A Catchy Song 5. Some Old New Excuse 6. Every Capitalist Has a Terrorist in His Family 7. Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone 8. Stating the Obvious 9. Anything but Trivial 10. The World Did This 11. If Voting Would Change Anything 12. America Fucked Me Up 13. I Wouldn't Lie if it Wasn't True 14. Sparta-Warzaw

Also: THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY have been signed for Burning Heart Records! And are right now in the studio to record new songs...
/// Latest update: 99.10.31 :: 
Hello everybody! Welcome to the new home of The Shape Of Page To Come!

And as a 1 000 times before this page has been updated again with another look. But I think this is the first time it really did make a change and for the first time it looks totally different. What is left to say?...Take time and take a look by yourself! I hope you'll like it...

"...And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice? We need new noise..."
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NOTE: The news before 99.10.31 has not been filed. 

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