"The real revolution starts within" Trapped, entangled and imprisoned "Words mean nothing, actions is what counts and when it comes down to it don't count me out". Standards of our freedom has been set up by a society that wants to see us passified, apathetic and careless. Freedom means wearing Levi's jeans and happiness means intoxication. 

A movement that could accomplish so much and really could make a difference, is turning into another fashion trend, and it's going to fade away inot another pre-teen trend. 

If we really want things to change and really want things to happen, we gotta revalue our idea of freedom. We gotta realize that the things that seem to make us happy are really the reason behind our anxiety, despair, and all of our fucking problems. 

If you want to change the society, don't buy their lies. Fuck intoxication, fuck indoctrination, fuck the stereotype values. 

If you are against oppression and for equality, then stop smoking those cigarettes, stop supporting their multinational lies. 

If you are against vivisection, go fucking vegetarian & don't wear those fucking Dr Martens and that leatherjacket. 

Struggle for real change instead of just following the mindless masses. We are guilty and I hate to point fingers, but you are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem - that's a fact! If you want a change then find out the real reasons behind our suffering and destroy them. Otherwise you are just talking shit. 
"We are still waiting for the real revolution"

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