Dennis Lyxzén is back with another chapter of his solo-project THE LOST PATROL. This time with a "band" added to the name as well as to the music. The band features people from as different acts as Deportees, Regulations, D.S-13 and Randy. This time it's not about laid-back acoustic songs like on the last album "Songs about running away". No, we're talking up-tempo beats and simple punk-pop tunes in the vein Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello and The Beat.

1. Feels Like Drowning 
2. Golden Times 
3. Get Ready 
4. Hanging On 
5. Pick Me Up 
6. A Girl Like You 
7. A Dose Of You 
8. Let Me In 
9. My Heart Is Still A Mess 
10. Can't Stand The Quiet 

Format: CD.
Label: Burning Heart Records. BHR 193.
Release date: 2005-04-18


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