The shape of page to come: This is a unofficial Refused fansite that has been online since 1999! This new version was launched in January 2007 and is probably the 6:th version or something like that. I don't remember. But still, this is the longest running Refused site on the net and my ambition is to keep it up for many years to come! This is the largest and most informative site you will find about Refused

Refused: The excellent band Refused were the leading hardcore band in Scandinavia when they were around. They were well known for following the uncompromising lifestyle "Straight edge" and for fighting for the animal rights. But mostly, they were known for being the revolutionary hardworking band from Umeå, Sweden that always had something important to say. It was all about fighting against the capitalism, to overthrow the class system and to fight opressions of all kinds. Their thoughts and opinions were spread through their lyrics, manifestos, interviews and on their many intense and powerful live shows. And by recording classic songs such as "Pump the brakes", "Everlasting", "Rather be dead" and the excellent "New noise" they have most definitely put their name in the history book...

Info: The design of this site is built upon one picture only, the one you see above with the cartoons. I guess the picture might look familiar to you? Well if you have the early version of "The first conspiracy" CD with The (International) Noise Conspiracy you should notice that that these cartoons are featured in the artwork. But the design is actually a rip-off of a very nice Refused shirt, probably the coolest Refused shirt I have ever seen. So I thought that it would be cool to design this homepage after that piece of work. 
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Micke Persson
Insjön, Sweden, 
January 2007 
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