T.(I).N.C. - Survival sickness CD/LP
New album out April 10:th on Burning Heart Records!

(BHR 106)

 ...and the songs are as follows:

- I Wanna Know About U
- The Subversive Sound
- Smash It Up*
- (I've Got) Survival Sickness
- The Reproduction Of Death
- Impostor Costume
- Intermission
- Only Lovers Left Alive
- Do I Have To Spell It Out?
- Will It Ever Be Quiet?
- Enslavement Blues
- Ready Steady Go!

Produced by: Pelle Gunnerfeldt.

The - in this case the symbolic use of grammars as to show the world that this is something more than just your regular lame rock act.

(International) - as in international not in location but as in the universal idea of resistance and struggle, international is so that the thoughts and ideas behind the group are not new or regional but everywhere and with everyone.

Noise - in this case the idea of the subversive sounds that could, in difference with the regular pop group, serve as an attack against musicís function as the spectacle, the only way we can even begin to play the revolutionary game.

Conspiracy - a secret society, an underground, a group of urban terrorists aiming to question and attack every instance of our culture.

* You can Download a MP3 of "Smash it up" here!
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