Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén.

Umeå, Sweden. 1989 was the year when GPK got addicted to punk for real and at the same time we arranged a gig at Galaxen. At this gig John Norhagen shocked everyone by arriving to the gig with a nearly clean shaved head and immediately began stagediving. The crowd was horrified. This was something completely new, but Norhagen had been to Stockholm to see Metallica and there indulged in the art of stagediving. Dennis, at that time an all too longhaired kid, naturally didn't want to be a bore so he joined in. However, he suffered a severe concussion when the scared crowd stepped aside instead of catching him when he came diving down from the stage. We got psyched on the whole punk thing that night. Needless to say, it was brutal. We also had a great unity back in the days and HC kids, punk kids, death metal kids and hip-hop kids all used to hang out together and went to each others gigs. There was no antagonism between us back then. Unfortunately one can't say that today. / GPK

Garbage Pailkids was:
Marcus 'Bylle' Bylund: vocals
Markus Olsson: guitars
Dennis Lyxzén: bass
Daniel Persson: drums

/ Liner notes from the Discography CD. 

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