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> Final Exit - Det egentliga Västerbotten 2xLP+DVD!
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This is too good not to mention: you can now, after all these years, finally get a FINAL EXIT shirt that doesn't cost a million at ebay. Monument Records have it in their webstore - and you need to get one! 

Available here:

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 n o v e m b e r   1 6  -  2 0 0 9

When Refused wanted to relax in the rehearsal room and for a moment take themselves a little less seriously, they switched instruments with each other and started to play oldschool hardcore. 

They called themselves FINAL EXIT, used pseudonyms and immediately became the notorious and popular hardcore band in Umeå, Sweden. Sometimes they played naked and sometimes they even invited the kids to take the moshpit out to the street. One can say that if the members controlled their madness and rage in their regular bands they got out of control totally in Final Exit. 

While Refused was at the forefront with their new school, Final Exit took it back to the hardcore roots. The band managed to get something of a cult status during their short career. The band only existed four years long but it was an insanely entertaining history lesson! 

Now both the full-length albums "Teg" and "Umeå", together with compilation tracks and other stuff comes out as "Det egentliga Västerbotten - Complete discography 94-97". Coloured vinyl, gatefold cover, poster and even a live DVD included! 

Expect this release to be something extra, like a milestone in the history of hardcore. This is a monument representing the storm that swept in over Sweden, Scandinavia, the world, during the time era of the 90's!

Out now: 
> Final Exit - Det egentliga Västerbotten 2xLP+DVD!

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