m e m b e r s . 


Dave Exit Vocals
(a.k.a David Sandström)

Other bands: Refused, Text, The Facer, Faint Sounds Of Shoveled Earth, David Sandström Overdrive, AC4 etc...

D-rp Bass
(a.k.a Dennis Lyxzén)

Other bands: Refused, Step Forward, The Lost Patrol Band, T(I)NC, Garbage Pailkids, 93 Million Miles From The Sun, AC4, Invasionen, Instängd etc... 

SXE Guile Drums
(a.k.a Pär Hansson) 

Other bands: Refused, Abhinanda etc... 

Anders And Guitar
(a.k.a Anders Johansson)

Other bands: Saidiwas, 93 Million Miles From The Sun etc...

Ex-members : 

Kid Stone Guitar (a.k.a Kristofer Steen)
Other bands: Refused, Abhinanda, Drift Apart, Text etc...

Photos by: Johan Dahlrot. 

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